High End Synthetic is Locally Available

The Tropics of Antartica
For those that would like to try a hi-end 10w-40 and on the light side of a 40wt at that without ordering a boatload , paying shipping and all that the Kawasaki 4T 10w-40 Synthetic I believe with 99% certainty is the Motul E-Tech 100 Ester/PAO oil . It's packaged by Motul for Kawasaki and has identical wording on the label and........it even smells the same which is a smell you'll never forget [Cool] If it is the Motul it is friction modded and has no higher than 1.2 sulphated ash per JASO MA and is working very well in my car at the time it seems . Even fuel mileage is great . I just bought a case of 12 at 5.68 a liter which was at a discount but I assure they are still making money . This oil is sooooooooooo close to being a 0w-40 it ain't funny . You know , the 0w-40 everyone wants imported to the States [Smile] Just a heads up for those that think bike oils are expensive or forget to look at the bike shops and last but not least it's summer and can run a sweet 40wt for awhile in some engines .