High Boron and High Magnesium CVPI long drains

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Mar 2, 2008
2010 cvpi 4.6 with bypass filter. 5000 miles on oil. lots of idle time. Boron is 32 on one car and 31 on another 2010 cvpi with about same miles. magneseum is 19 and 23
What are you saying? This was the results of UOA's? Magnesium and Boron are oil additives. They have nothing to do with cam lobe wear. Nitration of 26 is within normal limits and 5k OCI's are not extended drains. You also have a bypass filter so you could probably get 10k with ease. What were your wear metals like iron and lead? If you are asking if this is a good oil to use then yes, 5k with a lot of idle time should be no problem for an HDEO especially.
iron-6 nickle-7 alum-1 copper-1 This oil is still in the car(s) have went 17000 oci's with good reports but average 15000
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