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Dec 7, 2003
Outer Banks, NC
In my previous post "Toyota Approved Oil" I mentioned how I got into a confrontation with a heavy poster on the yahoo Camry board who claimed Toyota Oil was specially formulated for Toyota, and I felt it was just relabled major brand oil. The start of this was someone asked about using Mobil 1 and this guy claimed you should use nothing but Toyota Label oil, sold by Toyota. I disagreed. There have been over 50 posts on this in the last few days there, and is several of them he dissed this board.
He claims he will pay for a virgin oil anaylsis to prove how right he is. Could someone let me know what oil it is now so I can tell him?
btw, the board is
From the shape of the bottle, I think its Mobil. The shapes are identical.

BTW The late 50's Golden Hawk is one SEXY ride.
Ask him where Toyota's oil refinery is

BTW you're not supposed to use other message board links here.
Here is a few things I would suggest to this guy before using Toyota bottled oil:

Toyota oil filters
Toyota air filters
Toyota fuel filter
Toyota carwash

And most importantly: Toyota air in the tires!
Sorry about posting the camry group site. Someone in here has an Avalon and asked for it and I should have sent it directly to him. This guy had me so frustrated, I wasn't thinking.
Thanks for identifying him. I have exposed him on the other site, where he plays the role of resident expert.

You're wasting your time with Paul Cherubini, formally known as Monarch here.

Here's a quote from him before he was banned from this site:

" I've used Mobil 1 in eight different vintage Toyotas that I've over over the past 7 years."


In another thread:

"I have come to trust Mobil synthetics.";f=1;t=000834[/URL]

Originally posted by crashz:
And most importantly: Toyota air in the tires!

Ahh! that Toyota air!

BTW, I've also encountered one person who liked everything from the dealer. "Because you know the engineers designed the car with those parts in mind"

Nissan air filters
Nissan oil filters
Nissan tires
Nissan air-freshner
Nissan car battery
Nissan synthetic oil
Nissan washer fluid
Nissan spark plugs
Nissan coolant
Nissan emergency toilet paper
for those times when you can't find a Nissan dealership.
monarch was also malibu right? i think he was that guy who was obsessed with using "only genuine toyota products" or somthing.
am i correct?
A few year ago downunder, Toyota made a great press release that they had managed to engage Castrol to make their Toyota branded oil.

Originally posted by cryptokid:
monarch was also malibu right? i think he was that guy who was obsessed with using "only genuine toyota products" or somthing.
am i correct?

Monarch was obsessed with recommending the use of genuine toyota fluids.

On this board he said he used M1 and RL products.

On the Toy4X4 board he claimed he used toyota fluids exclusively. That descrepancy got him banned here since it PO'd Bob that he was lying somewhere.

according to my memory
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