Help me select a Subaru Outback

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...and I timed out.

So my experiences:

2003 currently 161,000 miles, purchased in 2008 with 63,000 miles.
Standard maintenance: plugs, wires, brakes, fluids, timing belt service, tires, etc.
Repairs to date: 3 passenger CV axles, 1 wheel bearing, valve cover gaskets.
Repairs needed: Exhaust is rusting out from 12 years spent in Chicago and needs eventual replacement. Driver's side head gasket leaking oil at a rate not currently worth the repair cost. Factory suspension parts nearing end of service life. Few electrical gremlins from aforementioned salt and corrosion.

Overall: has had a very low service cost, current repairs are spendy but non critical. Also the car is 14 years old.

2002 currently 111,000 miles, purchased 2016 with 100,000 miles.
Maintenance: fluids, filters, tires, battery.
Repairs to date: replaced o-ring for power steering pump due to leak, and brake light assemblies due to cracks and filling with water.
Repairs needed: Quarter sized rust hole on fender well. Previous owner thrashed (see brake lights above) it so front suspension is shot and needs control arms, ball joints, end links, and struts. Paint is clear coat damaged and scratched, leather interior is a disaster, and the sunroof is inoperable. Only part I care about is the suspension.

Overall: For a sub $6000 car, it serves the purpose for a planned 5 year or so daily driver before it will be replaced by something nicer when school debt is less terrible. Don't need a car payment on top of rent and student loans.

Good post "Hollow". I have a 2012 Legacy 2.5 Premium. It currently has 56,000 miles on it. It has the CVT. I am not convinced of the general quality of the vehicle. It now has rattles-and the suspension is getting soft. The paint quality (I have mentioned this in other threads) is absolutely horrible. The wife and I are talking about replacing it in approximately two years-regardless of millage and before the timing belt needs to be done.

I know that Subaru has a "feel the love" slogan. But after asking for help from corporate for the paint issue-and them declining, I don't have any love for Subarus and as I told corporate-I will take the quality of the car in to consideration when I make my next purchase decision. In other words-no more Subarus for our family.
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