Havoline Synthetic SN 5W20 - OCI Opinion ?

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Sep 10, 2010
I picked up several qrts. of above oil for close to 50% off from AAP a few months back .
Based on specs below (with just average add pack) how long would you run this Havoline synthetic as an OCI ?

VI : 155
TBN : 8.8
NOAK : 13.3

Vehicle : 2007 Kia Sedona 3.8L V6 110K miles used for average suburban driving conditions of approx. 30 miles per day ...Vehicle has used PP SN 5W20 for last 60K miles .
Use it and sleep well. It's good stuff as are most Havoline oils...Dino or Syn.

I've have used the Havoline Syn 5W20 in my daughter's '06 mazda3. It's good oil but, I still like most 5W30 oils better in this 2.0L engine for thier extra quiet/smooth operation. And we notice no difference in the MPG/performance with the 5W30.
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The same OCI as you've been using for PP.


Havoline oils (both synthetic and dino) are quality oils. Use them with confidence.
I ran PP 5W20 at 6 month / 6.5K ~ 7.5K mile OCI's and want to run the Havoline syn 5W20 the same .
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