Have you owned a vehicle for 15 years without internal engine problems

Not quiet 15 years, but a 2006 e53 X5 3.0L - 274K miles at 13 years old, nothing, maybe .5qt per 5K OCI burned.
My Father's 2004 Tundra 475K miles, nothing.
1990 Ford Mustang 5.0 w/ 209,000 original miles, always used M1 10w30 and Motorcraft filter
2005 Ford Explorer 4.0 w/ 175,000 miles, always used Ford 5W20 semi syn and Motorcraft filter
All of my vehicles I've had for 15 years and have had no internal engine problems. 208k, 268k, and 21xk miles on the three of them.

I've mixed various brands of oils/filters in all of them over the years, no discernible difference noticed.
I've had my 1969 GTO for 22 years now and driven it 45,000 miles. Never an engine problem. That said, it's had 2 engines and I've swapped cams a few times in those. I will note that from time to time I might run it hard.


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Almost every car I have owned was for atleast 15 years. I run them till they go no farther. The only engine I had to open up was a Buick series two 3800.

Same here and that 3800 just needed upper/lower intake manifold gaskets and a new (plastic! cracked!) upper manifold.
2001 Mazda 626 (ES, 2.5 V6, ATX). Bought new and driven 15 years and 175,000 trouble free miles. I experimented with different brands of oil but the majority of it's life it had either Motorcraft, Pennzoil YB, QSGB, or Castrol HM GTX with either an OEM, WIX or Fram filter. Very dependable car. They were known for having unreliable transmissions, but i had mine flushed every 30K miles (Shell bulk ATF) and never had an issue. It was totaled in 2016 when a suburban rear-ended me. Not a lot of damage, but it didn't take much to total it. I let the insurance company have it and bought a new car. I later learned it was repaired and found its way back on the road, which made me happy.
2007 CRV bought new with 7miles now has 193,000. Only thing the engine needed was a new starter back in the fall, and the AC compressor. Great car.
1999 BMW 323i. Owned for over 24 years and the engine has never required any internal repairs.
- replaced A/C compressor at 7 years of ownership
- replaced valve cover gasket twice (recently changed)
- replaced oil pan gasket
- replaced oil filter housing gasket
- replaced spark plugs once
- replaced one oxygen sensor

A few batteries, annual oil changes with BMW LL-01 oils and Hengst filters, and that's about it. This has been one of the most reliable and cost efficient vehicles I've ever owned.
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2002 Mustang GT 2v 4.6L V8. Sold after 18 years. Not even a hiccup including some track (road course) use.

Approaching 15 years with my Tacoma 4.0L V6. Everything else on the truck is falling apart but the engine is still ticking (literally).
I had to think about the question a bit. The answer is yes. I had my 1964 Cadillac convertible (which I purchased used) for almost twenty years and never had a spot of trouble with the engine.
I know Fords get a lot of ribbing, but my 1992 4WD Explorer Eddie Bauer had close to 300K when I sold it to a young guy who wanted to restore it. Granted, this was built on the Ford Ranger platform - a real body on frame pickup - so the pedigree was fairly predictable. My opinion only from experience - Ford cars suck, but they do (or at least used to) build excellent trucks.

That said, the 4.0 liter V6 ran on a variety of oils over the years - Quaker State 5W-30, Shell Rotella T-6 5W-40 and Supertech 5W-30, even NAPA/Valvoline 5W-30 for a while. Had an EGR valve go wonky, and a PCV valve replaced. The transmission, transfer case, front and rear differentials got regular fluid exchanges. Other than the usual brakes, tires, shock absorbers, spark plugs, oil/filter changes - it was a great vehicle on and off road (and it got quite a bit of time off road). Many a trip it got 'rode hard and put up wet'.
Not mine but my dad’s 99 F150. He owned it for 20 years. No internal engine, transmission or differential issues.

Funny enough he’s a Pennzoil guy so that’s the oil he usually used in it.
My Jaguar X-Type is 20+ years old, 225K miles and zero engine problems. Always M1, mostly TDT 5-40 from 60k miles on. Now M1 10-40HM. The engines have a FL tendency to eat rod bearings, so adequate viscosity is a must.
My mom's 2008 Odyssey has almost 200k on it and hasn't had any internal engine failures, she did do the timing belt and water pump at 100k. My Trailblazer is a 2008 and as far as I know no one has ever been inside it, same with the 2008 Malibu in household.
I never owned 1 vehicle in my 30+ years of driving that experienced "internal engine problems" ever, let alone in less than 15 years. I have owned multiple new and used vehicles over the years, most of the used were 10+ years old to begin with still running stock internals.
I have owned a fair amount of vehicles over the last 42 years. Only one internal failure, 1976 F150 302ci, about 1995 it started to run bad (sluggish/no power/rough idle). I diagnosed it as a slipped timing chain. Yup, nylon teeth on the cam sprocket were just nubs, cam one tooth retarded. I don't count external water pumps/wear items as "internal engine components.