Have you owned a vehicle for 15 years without internal engine problems

My mom has had her 2004 Honda Element since brand new, it currently has 164K miles and the only major thing it's needed was the alternator, and that just got replaced a couple months ago. Typical routine maintenance otherwise. I don't believe it has ever had a valve adjustment.
Yes , at least (2) of ours come right to mind instanty.
1994 Ford F150XLT - 15 1/2 years - zero internal engine issues. Fixed one power window at home.
2002 Honda Accord EXL - 18 years - zero internal engine issues. FIxed one power window and installed new radiator at home.
Really enjoyed owning both of those vehicles.
2004 Neon R/T bought new, 318,000 miles. 10k Mile oci. 0 problems, engine never had the cam cover off. Still ran great but rust got it.
Miss that car, it had Hotchkis sway bars, Koni yellow struts, brake upgrades, a set of lightweight wheels and always summer performance tires. Was great fun to drive, probably why I kept it so long.
People who favor EVs laugh at me when I say that well maintained ICE can last 20, 30, 40 years. And that is a true testament to being environmentally friendly - e.g. keeping vehicles on the road long-term and out of junk yards and landfills. It's very common for a well maintained vehicle to go 400k miles and decades of use.

True environmentalists would want simpler vehicles, commonality of parts, and longer lifespans.
Four vehicles owned for 15 years or more without internal engine problems:

'63 Chevy II (15 years, bought new by my father, driven by me for last 5 years)
'86 Volvo 740 Turbo (18 years, bought new)
'00 BMW 528i (19 years, 3 years old when bought)
'07 Honda Accord (16 years so far, bought new and still in service)

And a near miss:
My '81 Toyota Celica (bought new) made it to about '96 (+/- a year, so 14 - 16 years) in my and my daughter's hands but then needed the head gasket replaced because oil was trickling down the side of the block.
Lol oh boy! My 2nd car, 1993 when I was 17. 1985 Isuzu I mark hatchback.that took a beating and kept going! But I didn't give it frequent oil changes.obe day MAP sensor went off. This was like year half later...since it's last oil change. Had Napa dino in it. Smoke came from engine took it in.it was so way past an oil change..the engine bores were effd. Me flooring the car,burning oil not replacing. It was pretty much dead on arrival when it went too shop.the mechanic on phone saying I'm sorry,nothing more he can do. Junk it or take it home...I took it home n sold it friend cheap who anaihilated itt into a stone wall.
Had a 1991 Subaru legacy wagon. Never changed it's oil.one day,emissions didn't pass.same thing. I never changed it's oil.it was like 3000 miles overdue.that was 1998. From 2000 forward, I always kept on my oil changed. 3 months back then but now do 6 months regardless.do them myself and flushing block pan out with cheap fresh oil prior too filling.
6 months, 3000 miles. Change that oil!
05 Scion tC 2AZ-FE runs like a top, no leaks, very little oil consumption. AC Compressor went out a few years back other then that it's great at 180k.
32 years and still going strong on my 1991 Ford F-150. About the most "internal" problem I ever had, was to replace the water pump at 125,000 miles.

That was a little tricky because there are 2 long bolts that are very easy to break off, if you don't know which ones they are on the 5.0 V-8's. Working them back and forth a little at a time gets them out without any frustration.
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1977 Buick LeSabre - around 140k
1998 Explorer - 170k
2004 Acura TL - 134k

All were bought new and kept for 14 years.

Suppose they could have blown up the next year. I'll never know.
2003 Toyota Corolla: purchased new by my wife, 205K and going strong. I’ve maintained it since 40K, using Mobil 1 5w30 every 5k

2004 Dodge Ram 4.7: purchased new by my dad, 107K. I’ve owned/maintained it since 24K, using Mobil 1 5w30 every 5k.

I have switched filter brands many times.

My uncle, who has an 02 Ram with the 4.7, had an engine fail at around 135K. He uses non-synthetic (Castrol, I believe) every 2-3K. Failure was not caused by oil choice. I believe a bolt backed out and caused internal damage.
I came across this description of an engine warranty from Pennzoil for 15 years or 800,000 km. (Roughly 500,000 miles)
It’s not so much the warranty, but have you owned a vehicle for 15 years without any internal engine problems?

My 2008 Chev Suburban 3/4 ton with a 6.0 LS engine is now 15 years old and has not ( knock wood) had any engine problems except for worn out engine accessories not dependent on oil lubrication. It has just short of 250,000 miles. I used mostly Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 and for the last few years have been using PP Euro 5w40 and PP Euro LX 0w30 in the winter. It’s only a coincidence that I used mostly Pennzoil products. ( or not). I was attracted to the Pennzoil rebates mostly, but it looks like Pennzoil has served me well. Perhaps others can chime in with their 15 year experience.

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My '08 Honda just turned 285,000 miles with no internal problems. Mostly Pennzoil and recently Castrol.
We did have an '08 Saturn Outlook that had a connecting rod failure at 108,000 miles. That car was nothing but problems literally from the moment we bought it so we just dumped it on Peddle.com and took the money and ran. It spent all its life on Pennzoil and I did wonder what the outcome would have been if I did have Pennzoil's warranty.
32 years and still going strong on my 1991 Ford F-150. About the most "internal" problem I ever had, was to replace the water pump at 125,000 miles.

That was a little tricky because there are 2 long bolts that are very easy to break off, if you don't know which ones they are on the 5.0 V-8's. Working them back and forth a little at a time gets them out without any frustration.
I had the 5.0 in my 1994 F-150 which I kept for little over 15 years.
Those 5.0 engines in the 1990s seemed to be indestructable (even had one in my full size 80s era Bronco) before I traded it for the F150. That truck had the long bed , dual tank , towing package and it seems like I was always towing stuff for me or others when ever I was not at work with it. That 1994 F150 is one of the only trucks I spent zero time working on except for brakes and oil changes. I did frequent a lot of gas stations unless I was doing open road travelling. Really was tough on gas mileage in town.
2002 Ford Focus ZTS with 2.0L Zetec (212,000) , 2007 Beetle 2.5L (137,000) and 2007 Subaru Impreza 2.5L(169,000) were children's high school and university cars until they got settled in careers. I still have them. All running flawless w/little to no oil use. Zero problems, 5,000 mile oil changes timing belts replaced where applicable on time.

Work fleet of Aerostars 3.0 and 4.0 all went 125,000- 150,000+miles and were running well but body parts etc. didn't last past 7- 10 years One 4.0 broke a valve spring at 175,000 miles.
2004 Chevrolet Z71 with 5.3 @250,000 miles.
1997 Dodge Ram 1500 with 5.2 @170,000 miles.

Z71 was bought new by me, Dodge by my father. Neither has ever had the valve covers removed. I did replace timing chain and gears on the Dodge at 120,000 miles.

1992 Olds 88 Royale with the 3.8L V6
1999 Buick Century with the 3.1L V6
1999 Chevy Silverado with the 5.3L V6 (I would still have it if it had not been stolen)
2004 Chevy TrailBlazer with the 4.2L Inline 6
I have an 2003 Deville and a 1998 gmc jimmy..... No internal engine problems....and that is with the nefarious northstar engine to boot. I have a 96 f250 that had a timing cover and rear main seal leak but no internal issues.
Had a 94 cavalier that threw a rod in 2020. 94 silverado that siezed up in 2021.
Had an 04 Silverado that we finally traded for my wife’s car in 2021. I think it had 379,00 miles on the clock. Original engine and transmission. No issues with either. The rear end went out at 349,000, but I couldn’t complain.