Harley Sportster 5000 miles Red Line PS 20w-50

Back in the 90s when the wife and I rode Harley Sportsters, we just used HD oil from the dealership.....never a problem,,note, most bikes are barely driven over 3000 miles a year and most bikes just sit,,,,we never lost an engne and no problems with old fashion oil,,,imagne that...
^^ cant disagree with that.

Ah yes, I guess you remember the days of changing out rotors, points and distributer caps. Once you did, your whole ignition system was just about replaced *LOL* except for the wires and coil, now a manufactuer can just about program in when the want they car to self destruct.

One thing we can say, engines themselves run so much cleaner, last much longer now, much of that also the advance in oil technology and lubrication, if the electronics hold up you can go on just about forever. Its just frustrating when something goes wrong, it can be impossible to figure out unless you go to the dealer and even then, keep your fingers crossed and credit card handy.
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