GY Comforttreds vs Michelin HydroEdge

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Jul 13, 2005
New Hampsha
I just took my FWD Matrix out for the 1st time in the snow and all I can say is wow....I've never been in a worse handling FWD car!
I suspect a big part of that is the crappy OEM Continental CH95 tire that are on there. I just rotated the tires for the first time(15K) so the more aggressive tread is on the front and still seemed to slip slide my way down the streets.

Have been wanting to get new feet for the car ever since about 10k as these Contis are wearing like nobodys business and the ride is not all that great. Pretty noisy to boot. I've pretty much decided on either the Comforttred or the HydroEdge at Sam's club. THe GY is about 96 apiece with the Hydro coming in at 112(about the same cost as the Tripletred which may come into play)

I like the TRZ but I can't get them at Sam's plus the mpg question has me a little leery although same has been said about the GY's.

For good traction and great smooth ride any comments on which of these tires will deliver?
Hey ucandoit-- I just had 4 GY comfortred tires put on my 02 impala, 0n 11/19/05 and noticed a big improvement in ride and handling, much smoother ride and found myself having to keep an eye on my speed the ride was much smoother. Yesterday (thanksgiving) we took of in a snow storm and traveled 200 miles 1 way in snow and slush and was pleased with the way they handled. On the way home last night we encounterd a storm that made for poor travel and you had a hard time seeing the road it was snowing so hard(up over Blanford mountain on the mass pike)speed was down to 20-25 mph with 2 or 3 inches of snow on the road and I thought the tires handled very well Both at traction and steering. Not as good as a true snow tire but I was Pleased with them. and last nights travel helped me make up my mind to keep them. (GY GIVES YOU A 30 DAY TRAIL PERIOD) I was fortunate to be able to try these tires out in both good and bad weather. and as far as MPG dropping I have not noticed a drop in milage, I have around 800 miles on the tires and I have them at 40psi all the way around. When they were installed they had them at 35psi and I could feel a little rolling resistance so I am trying 40 psi and so far so good.
Thanks for the report kkat! Reading reports on tirerack will give you a seizure sometimes. One person says it is the smoothest and quietest tire ever and the very next report says that the are noisy and can't be balanced etc...jeeesh lol

I guess somethings you have to take it all in and take a leap of faith. It may be either the Comfort or the Tripletreds based on the 30 day return policy. Triples cost the same as the Hydros at Sam's.

Heard the Pike was a mess yesterday...glad you cam through it ok!
ucandoit-- I dont know how they will act on your car, as far as traction I think you will be pleased, but for comfort I would think the bigger the car the smoother the ride as in my case. Seems to me that smaller vehicles feel everything on the road where the bigger boats just glide over everything, Im sure it will be smoother but not to the extreme that I noticed. At least you have a 30 day trial period. Where about in NH are you, I was born,bred and raised in NH and now live in NY. (Flatlander I am now)
True ...shorter wheelbase you will feel a lot more plus the Impala does glide. I try to get one everytime I rent a car. Not sure I really like the new look of the 06's though

I'm in Merrimack, moved here about 3 1/2 years ago after spending my entire life growing up outside of Boston. Actually it's more like I escaped from MA
I just put a set of comfortreds on an 02 Honda Accord. They are a vast improvment over the OE tires (Bridgstone Touranza). The "feel" of the grip on the road is noticable....very smooth handling. Best of all the are a MUCH quieter tire. After about 2,000 miles I've checked my mileage several times and see no change at all in MPG. I'm running 35 psi in all 4 for now.
I replace my original Bridgestone RE92 with Goodyear Comfortreds in a Honda Odyssey. A very noisy vehicle with original tires. Much quieter with good wet weather traction. No snow miles to report.
A friend got a set of TRZ's for his 03 Vibe and couldn't be happier. The car had the Continentals as OE tires (they mostly reported the same issues as you did). Even his wife who drives the Vibe to work commented on how much the comfort, steering and noise were improved over the stock tires.

I had previously bought TRZ's for my 05 Corolla this past spring and have nothing really bad to report. Comfort and wet traction are definitely their greatest qualities. My best mileage with them was 42 US MPG on an all highway tank (840 km 522 miles).

Just remember that these vehicles spend winters with a set of dedicated wheels and winter tires so winter traction is not an issue as much as for americans who'd like to run all seasons all year.

BTW, my GF's new 06 Matrix XR came with an equally crappy (judging by TireRack's customers survey) set of GoodYear Eagle LS, with a treadwear only 260. Will see how they do next year as the car was delivered to her on 195/65-15 steel wheels and Yokohama IG-10 winter tires.
I got a set of Hydroedges on my Grand Caravan and I'm very impressed. The tires are quiet and cruised over 1.5" of snow effortlessly. Not I cannot compare with GY comfyTs but the HyEdges Much better tires compared GY Integrity or Eagle LSs I've used in the past.
I run michillen hydro edges on my 2002 honda accord. so far im impressed, superb wet/dry handeling.

no complaints so far
Has anyone here replaced a set of Michelin X-One (XOne XSE, now discontinued and superceded with the Hydro Edge) with Hydro Edges? Curious about an apples to apples comparison.

I'm really debating between the Edges and the Comfy's...about a 20 dollar diff between tires so overall 80 extra for the Edges...

ride quality and snow traction are the 2 most important features....(I drive 100 miles a day round trip highway for my commute so that is why ride is more important than performance to me)

Problem with the Tire Rack is you read the reviews and 1 guy says the tires stink and are noisy and the very next guy says he has never ridden on better tires in his life
I put a set of Edges on our '92 Mazda MPV and liked them so well I put a set on the '01 Lexus ES300. Very smooth riding tire. You can pump up the psi and still have a smooth ride.
Tire Rack reviews are next to useless. A guy with a front drive buick giving low marks to a high performance tire becuase it wears out prematurely.
You just know this guy only wants a tire that is round and will not need to be replaced, preferably ever.

If there are sufficient reviews of a tire its not too bad to find similar vehicles as yours, but a tire review is so subjective it is difficult to judge if you want to know how it really behaves in certain conditions. Ie: the BFG Radial T/A gets decent snow ratings... Yeah right sure. Not for the way I drive. =-)

With regards to the Michelin X-One. Its a bit too hard for my personal preference, but it has decent stop and go capbilities when not pushed. It is a tire I use on one vehicle since it suits my driving style for that vehicle, however, any sportier driving this tire would be a piece of crap. =-) As with the T/A, it gets good snow reviews, but its also a less than acceptable tire for me for snow use. No way would I let my mum drive off with X-Ones in the winter.

Disclaimer: Snow ratings may have changed since I last looked.
I just had the chance to drive in the snow with the hydroedges.. I have to say this is the worst tire I have ever riden in the snow. I may have to give it a 2/10.

but hydroedges are awesome on dry/wet pavement
I just drove through the worst highway condtions I have have ever driven on in 25 years. For you who may be familiar with 128 in Massachusetts, you know how the road conditions were today due to that mini blizzard we had

Took me almost 3 hours to go 13 miles due to the snow and this was after the storm passed! 128 was barely plowed and crawling at a snails pace...

I digress but the point I'm making is after bashing my stock OEM Conti's I want to say that those feet pulled me through that slop with only a little bit of slippage...providing I didn't get on the gas too hard...I was actually impressed a bit.

I'm still going for the Comfy's though
While waiting for the tires to get balanced on the truck I noticed a GoodYear triple something tire that was categorized as an all season tire, had a tread life rating of 600, and also had the sever snow rating. The dealer commented that they were the best all season tire that he'd seen, but they were expensive at a bit over $100 for 205/65-15 tires. He also commented that he wasn't sure if the car tire had the severe snow rating, as I had been looking at the SUV version.
"I digress but the point I'm making is after bashing my stock OEM Conti's I want to say that those feet pulled me through that slop with only a little bit of slippage...providing I didn't get on the gas too hard...I was actually impressed a bit."

My experience is that fresh snow that is not too powdery or deep provides is the best winter traction. Wait until you've been thru deep slushy snow, deep powdery snow, packed snow, hard ice, and soft ice before making judgements.
3 hours to go 13 miles at a snails pace is not a good test of winter tires IMO. But winter driving at normal speeds will. Icy corners, slush, cold temps, that kind of stuff.

Living in NH, I would have definitely splurged for a good set of winter tires on 15" steel wheels (195/65-15). guys are right...well I didn't get stuck so that is what was on my mind

Actually I saw the Michelin Pilot Exalto's for the same price as the HydroEdge's...these look like a decent tire also
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