GTX +German Syntec. What say you?

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Jan 1, 2003
Nissan Z24 engine, 4 quart capacity, in an 89 pickup. Manual specs 10w-30 or 10w-40. It has had regular 3K miles changes since new, never had an engine problem, never been opened. Castrol GTX 10w-40 is the only oil it's ever known. Nissan filters only.

It now has 96K miles on it and is driven much less than it used to be. In that last 9 months, it's regular service amounts to only about 500 miles per quarter (3 months). One thing that I've learned here is to start considering oil changes based on time, for engines that don't always get warmed up and don't see much regular driving. Another thing is the potential for sludging under such conditions.

I'm now considering using 3 quarts of the GTX and adding a quart of the 0w-30 German oil to top it off. I'm thinking of the cleaning potential of the synthetic under the low-usage conditions.

What do you think? Am I fixing something that isn't broken? Truck runs fine. Has never used oil.

You know how highly I think of the German Castrol. I am always ready to recommend it in a situation where it fits. From a logic standpoint, given what we know about the German Castrol (high calcium) and what we suspect (goodly amount of esters), and given the environment you described for your truck, your plan makes sense for what I believe you are trying to achieve by mixing it in. I think the only issue is do you want to mix in that $4.99 oil since, as you say, " ain't broke." If you want the added insurance I think it is a good plan. Otherwise, just keep doing what you are already doing.
I believe I'd be inclined to do th Auto RX and continue what you are doing. I'd also probably stretch out the oil change interval.

Naturally I'd do a UOA. But I'm not saying my plan is better than yours. It probably isn't
I'm not a big fan of mixing oils, but in this case (both Castrol) you could be fine with your plan.

Personally, I'd do the Auto-Rx like Al suggests to clean the engine, then pick one oil or the other to put in. The GTX is an excellent dino--with the limited use you have, it might be the best choice. If it was my truck (and pscholte's, I'm sure
) 100% German Castrol would be the fun if expensive way to go--who knows, you might surprise yourself and get an extra 200K out of that engine!

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I think I agree with AL. It would be better to run a Auto-Rx treatment through it. This way you are useing an ester product that is designed to clean out sludge and third party abrasives. It also makes old seals pliable. While adding one quart of German Castrol could not hurt anything your results are very uncertain!
Thanks, Gents.

Yes, I thought about the RX, too. Now you've got me going.

I think what I am going to do is pull the valve cover and see how it looks. If its gunky, I'll treat it. If clean, I think I'll try the Syntec.
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