got some stuff done on the Tbird...

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
I thought I'd get some regular maintenece stuff done today at the local Ford dealership: Here's what I got done: # Oil change with FL-820s filter (I gave them the oil: Havoline HM 10/30 for the next 6 months!), # ATF service/flush with Mercon-V (I'll get a pan-drop+filter change next time: I alternate between flushes and pan drops every 30k or so), # Power steering flush (probably the 1st time ever on the Bird?)..they gave me a discount on that, # fuel filter change, # OEM Motorcraft wiper blades installed(man they're so much quieter than all else!). # Tire rotation I had discount coupons from them for the wiper blades and the ATF service, and in the end all this(parts+labor)came down to $205 incl. tax. Considering this is a dealership, do you guys think that was a good price? (and I know them pretty well, they are honest, and do a good job, which I know from previous experience, so i know all the fluids and stuff are exactly what I requested, for eg Merc-V etc) [ April 19, 2006, 05:57 PM: Message edited by: 97tbird ]
Yeah -- sounds like you got a pretty good price. I was really starting to wonder about you -- when you mentioned they installed new wiper blades...
This was by a *dealership*? And they have a good track record with you & your vehicle(s) to boot? [Cheers!] Heck, that sounds like a great deal to me! Stick with 'em & recommend them to your friends, good reasonably priced *competent* service like that should be rewarded.
That's a fair price for a dealer. If the work is done right, tell all your friends and write a happy letter to the dealer GM. They'll likely treat you even better the next time.
Thanks guys. I have recommended them to all people in this area who own Fords, but those aren't many. I really am happy that I have this dealer 5 min. away from me, and I get discount coupons every 6 months, which I appreciate. So far, they have done everything right. (and the service manager let me bring my own oil always, and one time, he even let me bring the upgraded intake when I had my old plastic intake replaced..I was able to save a lot of money buy buying the intake elsewhere online...the only thing he won't do is clean the MAF [Smile] I like doing that myself, though. To those who are in the neighborhood (Lilligton, NC): the dealership is Lillington Ford (, the service manager is Mike (last name Richardson I think. He's very honest AND knowledgable).
I like HM oils...the car runs quiet and smooth with HM oils, with "0" consumption, which I didn't really notice with MC oils, until I thickened the MC 10/30 with RL oil and vsot last time i used it. HM staright is more convenient, and has been very good in my car so far for 6 month OCI's, adn i get that nice viscosity which is btw 10/30 and 10/40
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