Got some GC

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Sep 6, 2002
Cordova, TN
Stopped by AZ and found 6 qts of GC which I bought for the 6 for 5 special. It was of the ...4821 lot. I was surprised to see that on the label it says words to the effect that it is ok to use to -41 degrees F. Not that I will ever be in temperatures this low but I expected it would be lower given the -81 degrees pumpability in other posts. Given this stat, does this imply that there may be less poly esters in this oil than originally thought? In any event, I couldn't pass it up when I saw the oil with all the talk here about GC. I'll probably use it this winter instead of the M1 10w-30 I ususally run.
I think it says "allows for unaided engine starts down to -40°F." This same language was on the old 0w30, and I think they just carried it over onto the new label. FWIW, any oil that can flow freely enough at -40° for "unaided engine starts" will have a pour point significantly below that temp.
I don't know if I'll be successful but I'm going to try and get the lab to run a pour point test on my VOA of GC. When you go online on the Wearcheck site, it shows you all the tests your oil is scheduled to get, and you can update it online too in some cases (such as when they forget to key in the 40c viscosity test or the exact fuel % test, I've added it and it's gotten done) In the list of tests (which probably covers all types of fluids other than just regular passenger car motor oil), I notice they have pour point listed. It's not a normal part of their regular testing on PCMOs, but hopefully they'll still do it for me. Stay tuned!
Polish Castrol site lists SLX pour point as -57C (-70F), quite a bit higher than what is listed in G-Man's link. For comparison Formula RS 0W-40 pour point is -54C (-65).
BTW Nick, I also got 12 quarts of GC but had to go to 2 different stores to get them. Each store had maybe 8 quarts of GC and the rest was old yellow label stuff. I'm going to check the stores in a few days to see if they are restocking it. I'm surprised they didn't have more in AutoZone's home town.
I went to 1 autozone today and they had a stockpile of the GC. I bought 12. I dont think anyone up here in the Cleveland, OH area knows about it. So its mine all mine [Big Grin]
Just found the GC at the Franklin, TN AutoZone. Also from the 4821 lot. Will run it over the fall/winter in my 93 Accord with 113,000 miles on the clock. At $4.99 a quart, this stuff had better be "the bomb"! [Big Grin] Would I be safe in going 7,000 miles before draining and doing a UOA? I have done two Auto-RX treatments on the engine and it is purring like a kitten.
If you've done two RX treatments, that engine should be very clean and you should be safe going to 7k on your first run with this oil.
If you are wanting to try GC and you have Autozone, don't forget the Castrol "6 for the price of 5" sale that's going on until October 4th. (GC is included in the special.) If you buy enough you can essentially get one free change. [ September 16, 2003, 06:55 PM: Message edited by: pscholte ]
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