Goodyear vs. NAPA (Gates) Radiator Hoses

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Aug 30, 2004
This morning, my friend called me and said that her car had lost a large amount of coolant.

I went over, popped the hood, and saw a 1.5" crack on the lower radiator hose. The vehicle is a '96 Accord V6, yes V6, with 155k.

I was surprised that the hose had failed. Upon squeezing the other end of the hose, it didn't feel like it was on the verge of failure. Yes, it felt a bit aged, but no signs of imminent failure.

With that said, I'm glad that I replaced the hoses on my Saturn earlier this year even if they appeared OK. I wouldn't want to be stuck in this situation.

Nevertheless, at the title states, does anyone have experience with Goodyear branded radiator hoses? I've heard that they are produced by Gates, but I don't remember where I read that. O'Reillys Auto sells them, and they are a good 20% less than the NAPA (Gates) hoses. If they're essentially the same thing, I'd hate to pay more.

Also, on the older Hondas, I assume that plain 'old silicated coolant is all that is required, correct? I plan to refill it with O'Reilly's 50/50 PREMIX since it is on sale for $5/gal.

Now the tough part is replacing the radiator hose with only a widow maker..

Went with Goodyear.

Going to refill with O'Reilly 50/50. She found someone else to do the work for $30 so that I don't have to fuss with it. Score!

Also, where can I purchase some spring clamps?
Not sure about Saturn, but for a Civic/Integra you don't need to jack the car up a bit. Just remove the hoses from the top, then the bottom plastic cover (belly pan) and unclamp the hose from there.

Disclaimer, I'm only 145lb and 5'10", so if you are big you may have to jack the car up a bit or put it on a ramp.
Originally Posted By: Tosh

What's a widow maker?

Pretty much any OEM jack!

That looks pretty solid compared to the bumper ratchet jacks I've seen and used. Now those were taking your life into your own hands!
The car is back on the road.

Installed a new upper and lower radiator hose. Both of them were Goodyear branded. No jack was available, so we removed the radiator and did it from the top.

Refilled it with nearly a gallon of O'Reilly's 50/50 PREMIX conventional coolant. Idled it for almost 25 minutes with the cap off before the fan cycled twice.

Thanks for all of the help.
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The only widow maker I know of is a sleeveless T-shirt i.e. a tank top.

A sleeveless shirt is called a wife beater. Rear wheel drive cars and Russian submarines, among many other things, are widow makers.
you don't need to get under vehicle. i replaced all hoses in my accord from under the hood.... the heater and upper rad hoses are the most likely to fail.. my lower one went for about 12 years before i replaced it hehe...probably woulda still been good.
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