Getting a car they way you want it is normal!

My LR3 and Disco are basically stock other than some all terrains on the LR3. The Jeeps are a little modded:

Its mods: OME lift, Rock Lizard Super Skink rock sliders, Mopar skid plates, Detours Backbone, Warn M8000, MOAB wheels, 31" Toyo Open Country AT3s

The Wrangler:

Its mods: Mopar Rock Rails, 33" Toyo Open Country ATIIIs, Rough Country Differential skids, Rubicon sway bar disco, Mopar Steel Front Bumper. Next (this year): Warn winch, Maximus 3 winch mount, a mild lift, possibly better rock sliders. Eventually: 35s, re-gear, different rear bumper
Sometime in the last 10 years I came to realization who cares what the next owner thinks I own it right now and I'll make it what I want. The Dakota is where I want it. Put in a anti-slip rear and 16s, don't take off-road as much as I thought but it has the look I want. Also put on Bilsteins so the ride is pretty decent.

The Festiva I put decent rims and the roof rack I've always wanted. Thinking I might have the old tint stripped and new put on. It's the little things that make any vehicle a bit more comfortable.

The RV gets the most love.. taken me 10 years to get to where I afford some of the changes. The list is so long on what I've did and I can't remember it all. I mod it more than some do cars.. it's my baby. The best investment was the lithium batteries, 400w solar and the 2k watt inverter. We can cook on the road now without firing up the generator. It has all the suspension goodies and rides like a dream but I'd like to lift it 3 inches this year or next, maybe even a air locker if I can find one. Shoot even put a porcelain toilet in.. luxury 😂