German Castrol...NO Gasoline starburst!?

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Feb 13, 2003
OK..I'm using Esso XD-3 HDEO 0W-40 PAO synthetic in my two Jeep 4.0L engines and lovin' it.We just had a big hub-bub about SL and oils with too much ZDDP ruining cats on the GAS and truck engine oils forum.So I figure I'll mix a couple of quarts of GC with my XD-3 to get the ZDDP down a tad.I was going to use Pennzoil Platinum but thats a EOP BASE instead of a PAO base so I don't want to mix different bases.There's no "for use in gasoline engines" starburst on the container!There was also none on Mobil 1 5w-30 and the 5W-20 on the shelves at Canadian Tire.So now what?How much ZDDP is in the GC?
You would have to go back and look at the VOAs. I know it meets the emission system and cat compatibility requirements of of ILSAC GF-3 and GF-2.
How much of a difference between Green GC and the XD-3 in terms of Zinc and P ?The GC has P-1222 and ZN 1348....XD-3 has ZN 1241 and P cats will be healthier with the XD-3 ...NO/YES [I dont know]
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