GC 0W-30, Barrier Protection and other questions

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Nov 14, 2002
Rhode Island
I have been reading up a lot on the GC oil. My BMW is due for a change, and the dealer seems to have had a change in heart about using Amsoil. Since the oil cap says Castrol, this seems like a match. Also, my daugther's new Envoy is up for it's first oil change and requires GM 6094M oil, which it has been recommended that a GF-3 oil will meet so again a good match. One concern I have is the barrier protection. While GC seems to turn in very good UOA's, how does it achieve any barrier protection without Moly or ZDDP? Is it the ester's? Just want to make sure I am making the right move to this oil for two very expensive cars.
One thing I've learned over the last year or so is NOT to go by the VOA of an oil. Amsoil/GC/Motorcraft come to mind. Amsoil specifically focuses on the basestock blend and there are things in there that won't show up on a spectrographic analysis. S2k is a good example and so is the anemic looking ATM, which is a very good oil. Esters and other things that Molekule could elaborate on, are all found in the basestock that don't show. Moly is over rated on here IMO as there are great oils that don't use any Moly at all-ex. GC.
This is a first posting for me even though I have been reading the board for some time now and trying to educate myself. What is GC oil anyway? I keep seeing it pop up on different posts and have yet to figure out what exactly it is.
I suggest you find another dealer who doesn't have his head up his ...but I digress [Wink] Seriously though, the GC 0w-30 meets the BMW LL-98/01 spec and should be fine for your car. My other suggestion for this application would be Delvac 1, 5w-40, even though it hasn't been tested to the BMW specifications. I'd have no concerns about using it in any European vehicle under warranty - BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. TS
Well, I went and did it. I bought 14 quarts and changed the BMW and my daughter's Envoy today with the GC 0W-30. I must say the BMW was very quiet upon restart after the change. I also took a sample of the Amsoil that came out of the BMW, will have to send that in and post the results. PS: I love the green color of the GC [Big Grin]
I jst changed our Lincoln mark VIII and our Suburban Z71 to GC last weekend and they are running very smooth on the new oil, especially the Lincoln likes the GC with 12 oz. LC in there and run better than on the Schaeffer's 7000 blend before .
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