Gates timing belt not made to correct specs

Yup, the pump I recently bought from the Honda dealer was made by Yamada.
Yamada is Honda’s primary pump supplier, I think they also supply Subaru and Nissan(though Nissan is mostly Hitachi, you can see either the Hitachi or UJ for Unisia Jecs, who is part of the former). Aisin does some Honda business. from what I see on Rock, the Honda D-series pump is made by Aisin in Japan but it looks totally different than the OE Yamada from the US, and it’s an “original” casting, no grind marks like the Toyota pumps.
I have not had any problems with NPW Japan or Aisin Water Pumps. Yamada was the OEM Pump that was installed at the factory in Japan on my 2006 TSX. I went to the Dealer and they tried to hand me a non-Yamada pump that was labeled assembled in Canada on the Box! I passed it up as being from China and bought the NPW at Napa.