Garage Door Maintenance - cleaners and lubes?

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Aug 18, 2014
So I'm getting round to servicing our double garage door.

Until today, I hadn't realized that under the previous owner whoever installed or serviced it decided to put black grease everywhere. This has turned really sticky.

So I need BITOG advice on the following:

1) I need to get this black grease off the tracks. WD40 seemed to be doing a good job but my can has given up spraying. What should I buy to replace it? More WD40 or something else? I'd like something as friendly to the environment and humans as possible but it has to be effective!

2) There is black grease all over the nylon unsealed rollers, so I'll swap them out for sealed ones. Once they are installed, what do you recommend for lubrication of the stems? White Lithium Grease or Silicone spray. Some say white lithium grease is the best, others say silicone spray will not attract dust.

Also does anyone have a recommendation for 2 inch roller with 5 inch stems?

3) I have 31 hinges in total and they've also had this black grease applied to them and their movement has also become sticky. What's the best way to deal with this? Take off several at a time and soak them in a bucket of something?

4) I've already put white lithium grease on the torsion spring. Haven't touched anything else yet. What else should I pay attention to for cleaning and lubricating and what should I use?
Check out Kano Labs SiliKroil and Penephite.
Both arepenetrating oils one is with a silicone lubricant the other has a graphite lubricant.
Personally id stick with silicone and use a grease like white lithium on the springs like you already have.
PB Garage Door Lube

Interesting....Says that it is for track and cable.

What to use on the springs though?

Originally Posted By: Merkava_4
PB Garage Door Lube

Any rust preventative type of spray will be fine for the springs. I would clean all the old goop off as best I can then use whatever lube u like. I have used multi purpose grease, chain / bar oil, motorcycle chain lube, left over 20w50, gun lube and specific garage door grease/spray on both chain and screw drive openers. Both openors are at least 20 years old and they still work fine.
I've decided to replace the hinges too. Much easier than cleaning them.

Can anyone recommend a torque setting for my drill?
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