FWD Trans axle seal leaking

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Aug 7, 2011
Hey, guys........ My GF's 02 chev cavalier has the passenger side axle seal seeping on the trans. It's been getting a little worse each time I get under the car to change the oil. What, if any ? additive could be used to swell the seal and stop the leak. I can replace the seal myself but why do the task if a additive could be put in the trans oil and solve the problem.
Dont throw seal sealer in there to stop an axle seal leak, you can end up blowing all the other seals in the transaxle up like an elephants trunk, not good. Seals in the tranny control pressure and fluid flow if the unit is functioning properly don't risk damaging them. Change the seal its cheap and easy.
Buy and install a new seal. Check the part of the CV axle that plugs into that seal. If the surface is rough, that CV axle will have to be replaced as well.
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