Friend's Odyssey problem

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Dec 30, 2006
My friend has a 2001 Odyssey with around 230,000 miles. She experienced something a little weird with it the past couple of days. She'd gone to Walmart and pulled into the parking spot,turned off the engine,getting ready to get out,and the whole van went dead. No interior lights,dash lights,power windows,power locks,power doors,etc. Then it suddenly came back to life. This is the second time this has happened to her within a week. The battery looks pretty old,along with the terminals. I checked the terminal connection and they're good and tight,but are dirty. She had the alternator replaced about a month ago (some non-oem type installed by an indy shop). I'm hoping I can help her with it to avoid her having to take it to a shop. Any ideas what made it do that?
Get the battery tested. Be prepared to buy a new one. Check all the electrical connections and fuses. That should be a good start.
Or, ground issue due to corrosion somewhere. Probably off of the battery cables.
Thanks all!! That's what I told her I suspected it was,battery,cables,or both,because both look ancient. I want to save her the trouble and expense of paying a shot to fix it.
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Yeah, I bet the battery terminals are bad and/or the cables.
Or ground?
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