Fram vs. Brand X-switch?

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Mar 15, 2006
MY apologies to those of you have have beaten this topic into the ground. This is my second post in only a couple hours or less,and I wanted to post this in a new thread as this is something that I really gotta get clarified, and nows my chance, since ive found this great website! I had no idea untill earlier this evening that so many knowlegable folks hated on Fram products. OK, I have a brand new in box FRAM filter "Tough Gaurd" #TG3614 that is sitting in front of me as i type. I went to the Wix site and it would not give me a cross reference for a WIx filter. Im sure they make one though. Here are my requirements if i am going to be switching brands from my Fram(which actually, im more concerned about if and when i buy a newer vehicle than my old toyota).First, The filter MUST not be a living nightmare to get off like the ******* Bosch i bought onetime. Nothing but nothing would grab the edges of that Bosch and I ended up getting under the vehicle ,mashing the thing with a long screwdriver,cursing, laughing, then crying.. and finally Oden intervened and it came off. 2)The filter must be at or around 5 dollars and no more.Thats it. I could afford it, but its too much money. 3)It must have semi-synthetic material, or As a easily impressionable consumer, I wont feel as if I am getting my moneysworth. This is because the box says that the tough guard with combination synthetic glass, has a 99% efficiency on the HOneywell test.Now honey, well, what do you say about that! 4)The fram touts its "Siliocone anti-drainback valve as a "design(that) allows filter to retain oil when engine is off ,and benefit from a full filter at startup. Constructed of silicone,the gasket remains flexible and continues to perform-even in extreme heat".Sounds good to me. 5) Filter must have a Screen -over bypass valve which "provides back up filtration during cold starts and added protection against larger particloids of dirt . Screen over feature available only on models witha bypass valve" (which i am not sure if my toyota filter has-I will have to get in contact with FRam/Honeywell). 6) It would help if a nearly nude beautiful young girl was advertising it on TV while blowing kisses to me. There you have it. Now, it is my understanding that from what i have learned tonight, the major "slam against fram", so to say, is the quality of construction-specifically the acrdboard endcaps and drainback valve. THis also has me worried ,especially upon hearing that Frams make your VAlves tick.Ive heard schtick on "tick" elsewhere, so all the more reason for concern. Now if someone can find me a well constructed filter that has all of the requirements I specified as being required to surpass the qualities of the Fram, than I would definitly love to know about it.Thanks for bearing with me on this issue. henceforth i will try and check archives for information on what are probably the most FAQ"s. Thanks again and waiting to hear some much appreciated and valued replies.
Just go back to the Wix website and look up the application by vehicle instead of trying to cross reference the filter. I would guess it's the "TG" prefix that's causing a problem, maybe "PH" would work.

All these individual requirements you are putting up here are a kind of a non issue. Bottom line, any filter is better than Fram. If grip is an issue, try the Advance Auto store brand. They are under $3 for most applications and have a full coating of "non skid" paint. They are made by Purolator and are a good quality filter. The "best" (by consensus) inexpensive filter is the Pure 1, also by Purolator. They are generally about $6, but well worth it. Keep reading the posts here and in short order you will have a good education on oil, filters and everything related (or not)!
Shouldn't this thread be in the Oil Filters forum? You'll probably get more responses over there. Perhaps a Moderator will move it there for you.
I have a motto, "Motorcraft for the Fords and Purolator for everything else." I think some people
will back me up on that. Wix is also very good.
Look, if you are THAT concerned about having the grippy stuff Fram filters offer, then just go to Advance Auto and buy their house brand filters. They're Purolator filters (MUCH better than Fram) and they have the same grippy stuff all over the cannister.

Oh, and they're cheaper than Fram because they don't spend $100 million a year on advertising to the, people.

Even so, I'd still recommend any of the following filters (in no particular order):

Wix, SuperTech, AC-Delco, Motorcraft, any variety of Purolator (and it's rebadged clones), Baldwin, Fleetgard, Mobil 1 (overpriced), AMSOIL (also overpriced).

If you're going to write such a long post like that, you need to break it up into several paragraphs; otherwise, it is very difficult to read. Please work on your punctuation also.
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