Fram TG7317 6k miles

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May 14, 2007
Indianapolis, IN
Fram TG7317 from my daughter's 2.4L Galant.

I took it off and also did an OCI because I had to replace the hyd lifters and valve stem seals at 209k miles. Now, at 215k miles, I wanted to start a fresh load for an upcoming intent of UOAs. So because I had the valve cover all a couple of times, plus the work done, and sealers, I had no intent of a UOA at this change. But opening up the filter at 6k miles gives me a base point for reference as my intent of the next one will be at 15k miles.

Everything was as expected and desired; tight, firm, no leaks or tears. End caps were stout and adhered perfectly to the media. Those who fear fiber end caps are IMO irrational.

The Galant manual states that "normal" use allows FCIs at 2x the OCI, which is 7.5k miles. Therefore any "normal" filter under "normal" use should be able to do 15k miles. I think the TG is an excellent candidate as it's highly glass enhanced (IIRC 35% per MotorKing), and has silicone ADBV. I see this TG filter series a very close competitor to the Wix/NG in terms of cost and features.

Incidentally, my daughter is a high school student and does the typical running around town, etc. Probably represents a 70%city/30%hwy driving cycle.
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Looks fine. End caps look pretty thick (thicker than on the Extra Guard, orange can?) and stayed pretty flat.
I think this is the same TG model I use on my 2012 V6 Nissan Pathfinder the 7317 anyway I have cut several open and find them to hold up real well for my 7,000 mile OCI I often feel it could easily go two OCI with this quality filter. They always look great when I cut them open I was tempted to switch to the Fram Ultra but why bother it would just be a waste of $ for my 7,000 mile OCI. I see no problem at all with fiber end caps it's a non issue.
Yup. TGs are $6 at my local W/M. Kind of hard to beat them for the price. Well made and efficiency is excellent. I can see it at least reasonable to attempt 15k miles on one of these.

Have been a Wix fan for some time now; still am. But they cost of Wix/NG is a bit on the high side unless I order via Fleetfilter or try to catch a sale.
Walking into W/M and getting any off-the-shelf TG for $6? Probably going to become my go-to filter from here on out. Price, performance and ease of attainment are just too hard to beat.

For this 6k mile FCI, I really didn't need a TG. I suspect an EG would have held up just as well. For any "normal" OCI, the EG would suffice well. My intent was to go longer, but then several issues started to act up and I had to address the mechanical problems (hyd lifters, a cam seal, the valve stem seals).

PS - I've been hacking at these with a recip-saw and it gets messy and occasionally gets into the media. I really need to consider getting an inexpensive filter cutter. Recommend a decent cheap one, anyone?
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This is the first time I have seen a smaller TG cut open. Looks pretty decent with lots of life left. I have been wanting to run a TG9688 on the Elantra, but I keep getting free Ultras with AAP promo deals. Lol.

I use my cheap HF pneumatic wheel cutter. They are under $10 and work well for a few filter postings here and there. I can rest my wrist on a trash can and turn the filter and get an almost perfect straight cut all the way around.
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