Fram TG2 C&P, 4,088 miles

Aug 27, 2004
Katy, Republic of Texas
Here is a Fram TG2 off my brother in laws '04 F150 with the 5.4 3v. Truck has 176,773 miles at time of change, and 4,088 miles and 6 months on the filter. Previous filter was also a TG2. Before that, a Bosch D+3410 (pics gone due to BITOG error, but youtube vid still there) And another D+3410 One before that was a CQ Red (Wix made) Before that was a Pureplus filter Filter: [Linked Image] Baseplate: [Linked Image] All parts: [Linked Image] Top (bypass side): [Linked Image] Bottom (ADV side): [Linked Image] A bit wavy and wide spacing at crimp: [Linked Image] Rest of pleat spacing was fine: [Linked Image] Some debris in can, but not as bad a previous ones: [Linked Image] Still metal in the pleats, not as bad as before, but still a lot. It is not magnetic, and is silver in color, so guessing it is aluminum. Not seeing any gold color metal (brass/copper) at all now. [Linked Image] Added some Castrol Magnatec 10w-30 and a Supertech ST2. [Linked Image] I went with 10w-30 this time instead of my normal xw-20 because I was wanting to use my most expensive oil in my stash first to get my average price per qt down, and at the time was the only PCMO blend left in my stash. I got the Magnatec for $2.65/qt at an AAP clearance, and everyone keeps telling me to use thicker oil in this thing, not that it will make a difference. His truck was making more noise with xw-30 oils in the past, but noticed no noise difference between the last several fills with xw-20 and this 10w-30. Again, still not sure how much longer this truck will last, but as long as it does, I will keep doing maintenance on it, and changing the oil and filter ~4000 miles. I just decided on a ST2 because I only have 2 filters this size in my stash (another TG2 and a Mobil 1) that I want to save for my truck, so he gets the ST. And here is a video of the filter being cut apart.
Oil coming out looks fine, no metal in the drain pan that I can see, it is all in the filter. I have some Magnatec (5w-20) in my F150 (2v 5.4) and notice no difference in noise, but know a lot of people have had good results with it. Next several changes on it will be with Mobil Super HM 5w-30 (another blend) that I got on clearance. His truck is actually running very well right now. I replaced his lower drivers ball joint a while back, and since then, no issues with the truck (still has a "hum" at highway speeds, I think is the center driveshaft bearing, and issue on these trucks, but he has had that since 60,000 miles). He also needs a new headlight housing, his drivers side got broken when he bumped into a mailbox a while back (they are very yellowed anyway). I still keep telling him to get rid of it while he can. I know one day I will get a call that his truck is not starting and it will most likely be a catastrophic failure.