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Sep 13, 2004
Just wondering guys, would there be an audience for a forum on here dealing with air conditioning system oils and fluids/gasses/refrigerants? I am finding myself with the requirement to do some maintenance on a R-12 based system, have a lot of questions about retrofits and refrigerants, but don't know where to ask, nor really know the questions to ask. Just thought that I might add, I don't intend to do the work myself, as I am not licensed by the government to do so, but I want to have a general idea of the questions to ask, so that I am not taken advantage of or stuck with an expensive-to-maintain solution. [ April 20, 2005, 11:35 PM: Message edited by: pitzel ]
Talk to a couple shops the ones that gouge you will tell you a whole bunch o stuff needs changing and flush out the oil r 12 oil . A good shop will do the switch with a couple of parts and no need for the flush.
Ok, so my system is 1992-built, has never been recharged, runs on R-12. There is still some refrigerant in the system, as it does provide some air conditioning, however, sometimes the system fails to generate enough pressure to operate. Just what exactly should I be looking to have done? R-12 drain and recovery, system purge, compressor oil change? What else? Does the oil need to be changed and whats the real deal with that?
technically you do need to flush the old oil and replace all of the o-rings and reciever-drier when doing a retrofit properly. what you can get away with may be a different story. I think the auto general topics is a fine place for ac related questions. not that many ac questions come up here. i don't really see a need for a separate forum.
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