FormulaShell Full Synthetic MSDS = PAO?

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Feb 20, 2004
Dearborn , Michigan
I don't have that much MSDS expertise but here's what I found; Rotella T syn blend MSDS states it contains "synthetic hydrocarbon base stock" 10-30% and has the PAO CAS#(68037-01-4) listed. The FormulaShell Full Synthetic MSDS also says it contains "synthetic hydrocarbon base oil" 75-95%, but the CAS# is listed as "mixture". So I guess the "ingredients" supersede the CAS# in this case?

Here's the spec sheet Full synthetic

The pour points aren't very impressive, but the cold cranking and low temp pumping look pretty good IMO.
The Synthetic Blends do show an average of 15% PAO and Group I or II base oils.

I would NOT assume the full synththetics are predominately PAO's. They could be using 75% Group III oils.
Yeah 69 Riv- I called Valvoline for information on the 'syntheric' maxlife. They just repeated up and down it was a full synthetic, and wouldn't comment on Group III, IV or what...obviously, like usual with that lousy company, they are keeping things quiet to keep the marketing hype high. Hope you have better luck with Shell!
Well I talked to Shell; as we expected they weren't helpful. Their reply was; "the exact chemical formulation is confidential". I said "can you tell if it contains ANY PAO"? "No, sorry it's confidential".

So the search continues!
Still no PDS for formula shell synthetic at SOPUS but MSDS shows the base oil to be:
90 - 99% synthetic hydrocarbon
and the MSDS # is cut off the page.

Quaker State full synthetic for comparison.

Do you know of a popular brand synthetic with the same main base oil as this quaker state?

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