Fleetguard vs. Donaldson vs. Baldwin

Jun 7, 2009
I have a Fleetguard Venturi combo and bypass filter on my old Powerstroke. I figure it's a little overkill but I already had the bypass set-up when I found out about the Venturi combo. I did a uoa/particle count my last oil change and the results came back pretty good. I spoke with one of the guys at Blackstone and he thought my oil was looked real clean yet. I posted it on the Diesel UOA page under the heading "94 Powerstroke, 370k". I mean the old Powerstroke is generally a clean running engine that doesn't produce a lot of soot like some newer engines and I don't work it real hard like a lot of others do so, ya' know, it's not all just because of the overkill with the filters I use but I'm sure they help some.
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