Fake Oil Filter? And other questions

Aug 26, 2022
Hey guys, I've been a many years long lurker but now had some questions I don't see answered on here, so I'm making my first post (other than the same post in the wrong section earlier lol)

I use AC Delco oil filters and usually get them from WM with my oil. The AC Delco professional is from WM. Recently though, I ordered the same PN from the ACD store on Amazon but received the ACD Genuine filter. The pictures with the smaller font on the cap and the loose o ring are ACD Genuine from Amazon. Here are my questions:

Is the one from Amazon legitimate? The font seems a little weird and the o ring just came loose like that in the filter box

If so, what's the difference between these? Is there one? They seem identical as far as I can tell. My understanding is the ACD Professional is an aftermarket version of the OEM part, but I'm not sure how this applies here

What's the green dye on the filter for? It's on both, but different locations


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