Fake filters?

Sep 20, 2017
I was looking on Ebay for a bulk discount on filters for my truck and came across a "Lot Of 12 Genuine GM ACDelco Engine Oil Filter 19324430 PF2257GF New" for $59.99 free shipping

By the pictures they look mostly identical in construction but the writing on them is different from what im used to.

All the ACDelco PF2257g filters ive bought from Walmart or AdvanceAuto were labeled "Hengst". These Ebay ones say "ACDelco" and the patent number area seems to be different although i can't make out the numbers from the photo. Mainly the Hengst/ACDelco is what caused me to question it.

Anyway, anyone know if these might be real/fake? Maybe old?

You can forward the pictures to ACDelco, they have a link on their webpage regarding counterfeit products.

I sent them some photos of lower control arms I purchased years back that I thought were fake, come to find out they were GM. I was amazed by how cheap and shoddily built they were for OEM.
Ended up ordering from Rockauto. Thanks @mattwithcats for the heads up there. Looks like they did indeed change a few words around on the filter. No more "Hengst" most notably...