Fake Motorcraft oil filter ?

Jun 19, 2008
I ordered 3 Motorcraft filters at different times from the same Amazon Prime link with high reviews. They are FL-500S for a 3.5 Ecoboost. One looks completely different from the other 2 and I'm wondering if it was a Motorcraft design update or one of the types is fake. The main difference is one has the 30 flute top and the others have the 14 flute top. One has a sticker and one has printing directly on can. Looking online I've seen both types of fluting on the ends on legitimate Motorcraft oil filters hence why I think there is a chance they're all real and either vary or were updated from one design to another. Anyone have any experience with this?
This is one that I got from Ford /MANN-Hummel-Purolator about a week ago. They changed to this style last year.

Ahhh ok. Yes, I have 2 of those style with 14 or so larger flat flutes. I'm assuming the ones with the 30 tiny ridges are the older style they just moved away from then?
I think so. I have one on my Mustang from about a year ago and I am about to do the oil change so I can check then. We go through so many that we wouldn't have any old ones on hand. The FL-910SB12 finally came off of backorder and my stock order of 192 that I forgot I did just showed up 🤪
While the same Amazon Prime link may have been used each time you ordered, it could have been three different 3rd party sellers and was just warehoused and fulfilled by Amazon.

A lot of "retail arbitrage" sellers out there that could have sourced stock from god only knows where.
I think it's about time for me to cut open some used FL-820S oil filters. I'm going to have my son bring me a few from work so that I can find in them what is equivalent to the Loch Ness Monstuh. :rolleyes: