AC Delco Oil Filter Questions

Aug 26, 2022
Hey guys, I've been a many years long lurker but now had some questions I don't see answered on here.

I use AC Delco oil filters and usually get them from WM with my oil. The AC Delco professional is from WM. Recently though, I ordered the same PN from the ACD store on Amazon but got the ACD Genuine filter. The pictures with the smaller font on the cap and the loose o ring are ACD Genuine from Amazon. Here are my questions

What's the difference between these? Is there one? They seem identical as far as I can tell

Is the one from Amazon legitimate? The font seems a little weird and the o ring just came loose like that in the filter box

What's the green dye on the filter for? It's on both, but different locations


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@K20FA5 is correct. That being said, I'd avoid Amazon and get them at Wally World, maybe grab an extra just to have on hand when you need it. Amazon has so much counterfeit stuff these days, I personally just avoid it. But yes, AC Delco changed their packaging.
What you guys said makes sense, good to know. I'm probably just going to toss the Amazon filter and just pay the $8 for mental comfort. I'll stick to Walmart too for these
Green dye on filter media most likely indicate which shift made/assembled the filter.

My 2¢
Interesting, could be. I'll keep an eye out on my future filters to see if they all have it or if there are any other colors
I use that filter in my CTS Sport Wagon...I don't think I'd be too concerned about using either of those as the Professional marked box is just the older filter and possibly made by a manufacturer who meets or exceeds the OEM...possibly even made by the OEM

does anyone have confirmation that Mann+Hummel is the manufacturer of the ACD filters or have I misunderstood PimTacs response above???...I hadn't read that anywhere before...

Androideka I have came to the conclusion with filters and spec oils that a difference makes no difference.. go for it.
Both filters look fine to me. Use them both. But, stick I'd stick with WM purchased filters in the future. Open the filter boxes at the store to verify your getting the correct filter -- people have been known to open filter boxes at WM and play switcheroo...
Or like you said, just toss it and go to Walmart or auto parts store and get another one and put your mind at ease.
I chucked it, even though I probably didn't have to 😂 I figure $8 is cheap enough that I shouldn't subject myself to worrying at all about my oil filter because my car takes a lot of abuse (manual trans haha)