Factory fill on 2017 Camaro v6?

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Jan 19, 2017
I have a new Camaro v6 and looking to see if anyone knows if the factory fill is full syn or syn blend. I’ve got 550 miles on it and would like to change it. I received some info from Chevy for crevice that states that factory fill is acdelco dexos1 full synthetic. I’ve also received some stuff from them that states it’s a syn blend from the factory. Thank you!
Does it really matter? Just fill it with whatever Dexos 1 gen2 oil you like. No need to be concerned about semi-synthetic or synthetic.
I’m not concerned. If it’s full syn I’ll put in full syn. If it’s a blend I’ll put in a blend. Just a question.
I change the oil out on a new vehicle at around 500 miles. Then run it every time to 30% on the oil life monitor. Whatever that is.
My point is that what's in it now doesn't matter. There is no harm changing from semi-synthetic to synthetic or vise versa. Just use whatever oil you like best (with dexos rating in your case).
I understand that. Just enquiring about which dexos1 oil is used for FF, the full syn or blend from acdelco. If it’s full syn I’ll use that. Syn blend I’ll use that. Oil is so cheap at Walmart that it’s not a brand or $ amount I worry about. If it comes with a full syn in it, I’d like to know then I don’t wait a couple changes to go to a full syn.
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Why are you dead set on changing it to "blend" if blend is FF, and "syn" if syn is FF? I think JoelB is saying that the current fill is of no consequence and moving forward, use what you'd like. Now, if you're just interested in what the FF fill is for arguments sake, that is something different. There are quite a few Dexos1 Gen2 oils on the market now. Congrats on the new car!
OK I do it: DO NOT CHANGE THE OIL until at least ~2000 miles; you have an oil filter. We were all there on the early out pprogram, take a breath it will be OK. It doesn't help and might actually hurt the motor. Also since M1 5w30 is reportedly (for quite a while) no longer full synthetic then its a moot point. Do you get a better HTHS with full syn? It is the same ILSAC spec as the "conventional". Plus you cant drive that pig in the winter, so do a rip van winkle and come to some senses in the spring smile JK! have at it.
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Wemay: I’m only interested in what is factory fill. Like I stated. I’m not interested in changing to one or the other. Just sticking to what is in there. FF is 5w30. Again, if it’s a blend I’ll use that. If it’s a full syn, then I use that. Thank you by the way.
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I use valvoline in my personal cars. Do you mean acdelco which is a Chevy brand over other store bought brands? Or syn blend over syn?
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They both will do the job. I’m not worried either way. Just want to know what FF is. I usually wait till 3rd oil change to go full syn if I go at all to it. If FF is full syn then I’m golden. That’s all I wanted to know.
My gut feeling tells me the factory fill was a synthetic blend. The correct viscosity is 5W-30 and the capacity with filter is 6 quarts.
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This thread is so cringe worthy...90% sure it's blend from the factory.
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I agree SE. On both accounts.
I third this.
It's likely a blend and I wouldn't change it early - certainly not at 500 miles. I'd also stick with the blend until after 25k miles - then go with a full synthetic. i feel this will give you the best break in - just keep it topped off always.
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