Exxon Superflo

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Jun 18, 2002
Could anyone tell me if Exxon Superflo Synthetic (Esso in Canada) is PAO based or another hydrocracked pretender? While I'm asking, what about Quaker State's synthetic offering? Thanks in advance.
Red Line talks about polyol ester stocks in all their literature but they don't say their oils are 100% polyol. Last I heard their's was a polyol/PAO blend ... heavy on the polyol. But, if anyone has any more definitive info, please post. [Smile]
As has been pointed out another post, Polyol ester oils run around $13 a quart. If it does not cost that, then it's not 100% ester based. Considering that Redline is competitive with other PAO based oils, I have to conclude that it's PAO based.
Ron: I've spoken to an ESSO rep here in Canada. She told me that the superflo oils are PAO based. Also, on the Imperial oil Website, it states this as well. I too was looking for a PAO based alternative to the new M1 at the time, but now I'm thinking about sticking to M1, as I find it hard to believe that a company such as Mobil would want to jeopardize their repatation with a shoddy product.
Since this product is one of the few PAO/ESTER synthetics that you can buy, I thought I'd mention that I noticed my local walmart has this stuff for $3 canadian a litre. Which yes is a remarkably low price, and which makes me wonder what they are making room for. Normally its 6.xx.
yes a full PAO oil ( as answered here before). If it was available OTS here in a 40weight i would make it my oil. Very economical alternative to M1, specsheets are almost identical. Fred... [Smile]
Does Superflo have SuperSyn or Moly? If not it is a significantly different product. I would not understand the purpose of making Mobil 1 the same as Superflo. IMHO Exxon-Mobil wants to keep Mobil 1 a "one of a kind" product.
It doesn't have supersyn. Specs sheets almost identical specifically to the "Trisyn" Mobil 1. It has a pretty good following in and of itself. Even after the merger MOBIL/EXXON will try to keep seperate Identities between those oil. I suspect over the next few years they may start getting their base oils from the same source (if theyt aren't already), while the additive packages will get even closer than they are now. Already not very diffirent oils. Fred... [Smile]
Making it like the old Tri-syn makes some sense. There are some loyal Tri-syn followers and maybe this is a good chance to keep them buying Exxon-Mobil. Good Marketing.
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