EV's may be too heavy for old parking garages

A dual model Tesla three weighs 4,000ish pounds
My G35 sedan weighs close to 3800#. I don't think 4000# vehicles are that uncommon or out of the ordinary. This is clickbait like you say...
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Many old structures are functionally obsolete for modern usage. They will be torn down and rebuilt.

The trend in EVs will be toward lighter weight as technology improves. There is a big benefit in energy efficiency by making a vehicle lighter.

There is popular agreement that cars should be taxed for their use of public roads, and cars that are used more should be taxed more. Moving beyond gas tax, there hasn't been a good way to do this yet.
That's the potential problem isn't it? Lower vehicles that are as heavy or heavier than trucks
That's a fair point to consider. I would still suggest that the lower-clearance levels of a parking garage must be engineered with some land yacht like a '78 Grand Marquis in mind. Those are still heavier than a Model 3.
2023 Hyundai Kona Electric. 2WD only Top Trim. 3,836 lbs

2023 Hyundai Kona (ICE.) 1.6T AWD Top Trim. 3,327 lbs

Size of these cars is about the same a VW Golf for reference.

This article seems to be referencing concerns mainly in the UK, but unless our garages are built to higher standards, its just a matter of time until it gets to be a concern here too.


In the US if we arent worried about the weight of half ton trucks and their associated GVWR's - we aren't really worried about weight.

They have been the best selling vehicles in America for decades and the mainstay of US based automotive companies.