Esso LT 71141 equivalent for benz E55?

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Aug 7, 2008
hi, i've got to change the fluid on a mercedes benz e55 5 speed and the specified fluid is esso LT 71141, but this seems hard to find and the dealer is quite expensive. some universal atf's claim to satisfy this particular requirement, is it safe though? Some guys say theyve used redline D4 and had no problems, even smoother shifts. has anyone here used another fluid in place of LT 71141? thank you
Castol sells an ATF called Import vehicle ATF that claims compatibility. I am using Redline D4 ATF in place of it in my BMW manual transmission that calls for the esso stuff. There's a number of threads here on this subject.
I am running Red Line D4 in my 2003 BMW 330Ci that specs the esso fluid. I did a VOA of the Esso, D4 and Castrol import multi veh. fluids last year. The ESSO fluid can be found online, Bav Auto and BMP design both I have it I believe. BMP is about 16 bucks a quart/liter.
thank you for the replies guys. didnt know so many 'aftermarketers' made fluids that met the spec. even if i go for the redline, id still save huge $$ thanks again!
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