Electrical Problems = to trunk randomly opening??

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Jul 21, 2014

My car flooded last summer which lead to a mess of electrical problems. After getting a new battery, changing the front seats, and adding some new wiring I have fixed every problem except one. Just about every time you open the driver or passenger door, the trunk pops open. Sometimes it does this when you close the door as well my trunk will be open over night (not good as you can imagine). I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and hopefully it's something I can fix on my own. It is a 2000 pontiac bonneville ssei. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
BCM (body control module) going bad, or electrical grounds corroded. Water and electricity don't usually play well together.
You have a short to ground in that circuit. If the BCM was bad, the trunk wouldn't open at all. In the meantime, disconnect the electrical harness that goes to the trunk latch solenoid and just use your key to open the trunk.
The only thing I heard is that buying and programming a BCM to your car's VIN can get expensive. I would check any electrical grounds you can see and make sure they look clean and not corroded, and apply a dielectric grease over them for protection. I think the BCM is located under the dash on the drivers side, so if water went that deep, it could be a problem. Good luck.
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I've heard BCM and that's what i was afraid of. I was hoping that there was something else I could do
Yes, so if I remove the fuze for the trunk then it should only open with the key correct? I'm not sure why I didn't think to try this before.
If you open the trunk, you'll see a little white harness connector plug that goes to the trunk latch, just unplug the connector.
Mine has the opposite problem, the trunk latch solenoid is burned out so I can't open the trunk with the remote. I disconnected the harness plug to verify power to the solenoid with a test light.
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specifying the year make and model would help quite a bit

He did. It's a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi.
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specifying the year make and model would help quite a bit
he did. Last line, 2000 Pontiac Bonneville ssei.

If this ever happend to me, i'd just be SOL. there is no Key lock for the trunk on my sable. it's only via the electric motor. (in fact there are only 2 key cylinders on the whole car. Ignition, and Drivers Door.)
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