EA888-Gen3 (CPKA) - P2014

Help needed from the VAG guys in the group.

"P2014 code - Intake Manifold runner position sensor/switch circuit"

2014 Passat 1.8T is throwing this code. Been searching a TON with zero success in determining root cause, more than likely because of the design changes of the intake manifold from gens 1/2 to 3.

A couple tested suggestions:
  • vacuum leaks- not applicable- tests out fine through the dipstick tube, and oil filler cap has decent vacuum @ idle.
  • tiny tube from manifold to factory air box clogged- not applicable. Pulled tube, no restrictions with airflow while removed.
A couple notes:
  • Car has 75k on it now, slight oil leak from the crank seal (I believe) due to a failed oil separator around 65k.
  • If I pull the connector from the MAP sensor, car seems to idle smoother, but RPM increases a bit.
Suggestions welcome!
The Midwest
I use to own a 2013 VW GTI I bought new. Similar engine to the EA888 gen 3. The intake manifold went out on mine.
The oil separator also went out on mine and which I fixed immediately knowing it would otherwise blow a seal.
Replacing the intake isn't hard to do. I didn't replace the injector seals and never had an issue.
You need triple square bits however.
This video shows what you'd be dealing with if you tackle the job yourself. Your engine is very similar.

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