Dusty environment for work truck - OCI reduction

If it was me, I’d run a pre-filter if possible. GM will specify an extended capacity air filter for severe use, use that.

some people use the pantyhose trick as a pre-filter to keep bigger grit particles out.


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Be honest with you -- never clarified I was a "car guy!!" Does he even have a vehicle with an Olds 350 rocket motor in it? I know I remember reading he has a 76 350 motor in something and I think a 305 in something else? I cant retain what all members have here for vehicles or engines and to me -- 350 rocket could mean multiple things??? The engine he mentions to have -- is that not rated at 160 -- 170 horsepower? There is some neat heritage with the Oldsmobile and some of there car makes and engines in there time.
Yes it's a 76 350 which was 180hp. It has a couple minor upgrades. Probably around 200hp based on 1/4 mile times.

I didn't mention the amount of oil usage in the original post because i don't consider it significant and I already felt like I was babbling too much which was confirmed when you said "people like to hear themselves talk".

Most of us are here for the same reason... we're overly anal about our maintenance. Others here that aren't, well I'm not really sure why they are here.

Also my goals for how long I want my vehicles to last are longer than most. If you haven't noticed I tend to keep cars even once they're pretty old. I've been daily driving the 84 with a 76 engine and the 83 since around 2008. Neither one has had engine or transmission rebuilt yet.


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