Driveway sealant tar

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Feb 16, 2005
Scituate MA
I know, I have read where it doesn't do a whole lot but looks good for a few more years. Kind of holds it together a bit. I have tried numerous airport grade sealers (where do they get these names). Any recommendations? Last time I sprayed the driveway clean with some blue dawn, let'er dry and applied sealer.
I would be hesitant to tar my driveway.. Remember after a hurricane we tar'ed part of our roof for a quick fix till we could get a real fix. Within a week under the sun it ran down the side of our house.
sealcoating is the best thing you can do for asphalt. I worked paving and we did that and crack filing. The other thing you can do to prolong the life of asphalt. Our company got our stuff from the asphalt plant but we got it by the truckload so im not sure where you would get smaller amounts.
You get a quote to have it sealed by a company? My neighbor just had it done for $200. I'm guessing his driveway is 18'X30
I've done it, company called Brewer Cote made it in a 5 gallon bucket, put it down with a disposable squeegee & short-bristled push broom. Did my great aunt's & our house growing up, every fall-it did make blacktop look good & last longer.
I have done it and always bought something that was easy stir. My SIL owns a business that does it, he has a huge 10K gallon tank at his yard. Now I have a dirt drive. Some of the companies are gypsies and they dilute the stuff with water or diesel fuel depending upon the type. They also apply it when it may get cold. The stuff peels off and they are long gone. It does make it look better. Unsure if it makes it last longer.
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