Dremel / Rotary Tool

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Aug 18, 2014
I have a $10 Amazon credit and am thinking of getting a Dremel / Rotary tool. Any advice? I am thinking one use would be to cut filters open.
I love my Dremel, and use if often. The little cutoff wheel zips right through filters, but it has a ton of other uses.
I have a basic variable speed dremel, but got it in a kit with all kinds of wheels and bits. Very useful. Id also look into a Fein oscillating multi tool. Very useful.
For most of the work I end up doing, a 4" angle grinder ends up being faster than a Dremel. But is an order of magnitude more dangerous to use.
i have two corded dremel's and a cordless harbor freight, all work awesome and are very useful. Shop around for the dremel kit, i compared amazon vs walmart vs several others and walmart ended winning out, was a little surprised at that.
I have a dremel tool that I purchased at an auction, and quite frankly I find it too underpowered to use. Everything I do with it I can do with an angle grinder, bench grinder or other tool.
EVERYMAN should own a dremel, I don't use mine everyday or even every month but when I do its a lifesaver. Dremel brand has gone down hill thought the last 10 years, they cant seem to make a switch that lasts for [censored] ! I have several dremel tools but I seem to use my craftsman brand rotary tool more than the dremel, and a Roto-Zip for all bigger stuff.
Our got the most use cutting dozens of holes in drywall for the house. But every couple months there is a tight or delicate cutting job that only the dremel can do. It is 100W or less, so its no angle grinder with 1hp+. But a 4.5" disc doesn't fit in a lot of places either.
I have a variable speed Ryobi that I have had for years. Great tool for small stuff. However, I also have a Zip saw and an oscillating tool for larger and more demanding jobs. It is about the right tool for the purpose.
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