Donaldson P506082 cut open

May 23, 2018
Posting a cut open Donaldson filter that wasn't used because it was flooded. Made in Indonesia.

Kept it in storage until I learned how to hacksaw my filters a few days ago.

Its a drop in filter replacement to isuzu 8-98165071-0. Comparison pictures at the end.

Outer Diameter: 80 mm (3.15 inch)
Thread Size M26 x 1.5​
Length 100 mm (3.94 inch)​
Gasket OD 76 mm (2.99 inch)​
Gasket ID 68 mm (2.68 inch)​
Efficiency 99% 30 micron​
Bypass Valve Yes​
Bypass Valve Setting LR 0.75 bar (11 psi)​
Bypass Valve Setting HR 1.17 bar (17 psi)​
Type Full-Flow​
Style Spin-On​

Massive rust from all the water ingestion. Anti-drainback valve is rubber.

The spring at the bottom of the filter is better than the genuine filter's design which is just a simple metal tab (next pic).

Very rusted but the filter media survived.

Left: Donaldson 47 pleats
Right: Genuine Isuzu: 52 pleats

Genuine filter's elements seems to be better constructed. Donaldson's filters are slightly thicker in terms of filter width.

Both are near in market price (Php750 vs Php800). That's roughly $13 and $15.

So in conclusion. The genuine filter has more uniform filter media. Donaldson has slightly thicker filter media with a different pressure relief valve design using a spring, which exerts more pressure. Genuine filter only has a metal tab. I do not know which design is better. But given that this filter is mounted horizontally facing the front of the vehicle, it may have different effect on the bypass setting.
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