Does Valvoline instant oil change centers change your oil filter?

My god, what did they charge you? The last time I checked they got $72 for MaxLife....
Aha I don't use a quick lube place but I drive by Valvoline everyday on my way to work. It's right on the corner so if I get stuck at a red light, I usually look at what they're doing it since the building is wide open.
I once serviced a Nissan Maxima that had the factory engine oil filter installed. It had ~30k miles. Owner went to various quicklubes and none ever changed the filter since they couldn't remove it. He wanted to learn DIY. And, he did learn a few things that day.

Local VW dealer here lost various under panel screws after the last warranty repair, and scavenged some from the bumper. That same panel is removed for every oil change.

Local Hyundai dealer here lost the oil drain access cover EVERY time. I made them order and replace it. They eventually figured out that I did not want their 'complimentary' oil/filter services at every warranty repair. Missing various other parts over the years had to be ordered and replaced. Techs just like to make cars lighter after each service.

If you don't watch them like a hawk, you have no idea what they are or aren't doing. Reputation means nothing. Trust is a fool's choice.
It sucks when you hear dealers that do a terrible job because you a pay a premium and you're supposed to "trust" them in a perfect world
Faster to use the pit too.
This guy one time had a pit in his garage at home.
My old roommate had a cement pit in his unattached two car garage that was left from the previous residence from the 1920's that was raized and then a new little ranch built in the 70's. Used it a couple times. A rickety ladder going down in there. Then there was always gross stuff in there - creatures that fell in and died.. The Stuff of bad dreams!
Every single one of them uses lifts and none of them have underground pits. I think it is because I am in coastal Virginia where groundwater can occasionally be encountered within 8 to 10 feet of the terrain's surface in certain areas.
Didn't consider that but yeah, that's a real issue. I guess in many areas they will have to use lifts instead of pits.
If you have one of these you don't have a stuck filter!

Filter tool.jpg
I can say that Valvoline Instant Oil Change does change the oil filter. Hacked open a filter off a co workers 2020GMC Acadia 3.6 v-6. Appears China made as yellow with blue #’s on it.

This location I’m told is using up the yellow cans filters before going to white filters
Well if you do your homework they do. Oh and they won't have a cartridge filter either!

Do my homework? Been wrenching on hundreds of cars for well over a half-century.

Currently, I only do O.C. 'sometimes' on my wife's Subaru and then my Mahindra-Ford. True both engines would likely have some room for that wrench. But it looks like a shade-tree "mangler" solution. It's embarassing enough if you cant spin off the filter with a gloved hand.

I try not to destroy the filters, and all get shelved for warranty purposes - if they arise.
I'll stick with my metal band wrench.

But you guys have fun with that bear trap :) I ain't stopping ya :)
Instant oil change places here all use pits, but they are very large open areas under the cars…not at all like the claustrophobic pits places used in the ‘60’s and 70’s.
Worked in an old CT up north and they had a pit still in the floor from earlier, and even though they didn’t use it, they fought with the ministry of labour about not spending the $$ to fill it in, and just had it blocked off…it was scary and dark-looking!
My VW Passat had a skid plate. Twice they (NOT a Valvoline shop) failed to properly secured it. (Charged me extra because it had a skid plate!) Two skid plates lost. They replaced them after a couple of months waiting for the parts each time. My daughter while driving without the skid plate managed to crack the sump. Nice puddle of oil on the driveway, but fortunately I spotted it before she drove it again. Had to pay for a new plate plus parts at the local indy - $$$.

Finally, after having the oil changed regularly at the same shop for almost ten years, they told me they could no longer change my oil/filter as the oil they carry is NOT to VW spec. Yes, after almost ten years. Took that as a clear sign from above. From then onwards I have always done my own oil changes, including new still under warranty vehicles.

Never looked back. Well worth the couple of hours of work for peace of mind to know it's done right. Right quality full-syn. oil, right oil filter, and drained from the oil drain plug! Incidentally current vehicles don't even have a dip stick. Do they now drain from the fill hole? 😩
A plastic skid plate wouldn't have saved the sump from your daughter's trash driving.