Does anyone know the fuel consumption per hour when idling a 2016 Honda 2.4 Liter Earth Dreams engine?

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I can relate to the OP. In 2005 I have a 5 speed manual Corolla, was driving from Rhode Island to Louisiana and around PA I hit the snow storm that was heading our way, I was following an 18 wheeler and got off at an exit and got a hotel, had to spend two days there.

When I got back on the road two days later, I saw several 18 wheelers on their sides and I lost count of the number of cars that were covered in snow or stuck in ditches with snow. All I could think of was I’m glad I stopped when I did ( even though it cost me $150 for the two nights in the hotel) and I hope that the people that had to spend the night stuck in their cars on the highway stuck in snow had enough gas to keep the heater on
That engine should be great at keeping heat. The exhaust is channeled in the head to one exit port, allowing the head to transfer more heat to the coolant. The high compression helps too. I would agree with the estimates already given of about .15-.25 gallons per hour. I would change the oil after idling it for a day in this hypothetical emergency situation.
I can’t remember what vehicle it was but my scan gauge would show .2 gph at idle. That might’ve been an 06 VW TDI but at least gives you and idea.
Man that is incredible to me.

I basically lived in my car during grad school years. Home was an hour awake from work, which was also near school. So I regularly spent hours in the car somewhere either to do homework, study, or sleep. I drove about 450 miles per week and knew that gas gauge really well... I had to fill the car every 2-3 days. I had 2 vehicles I drove during that period... a 97 2.2 Subaru Legacy, and a 2002 3.3L town and country minivan. With the AC on, set at fresh air, they both consumed far more than that. it ended up being around a gallon per hour or slightly more in the DC area heat.
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One thing I never thought of but discovered earlier this year. If it's cold enough, the car could go back into warmup mode!

I was sitting in my car for about 45 minutes over this winter on a -12f day. After 15 or so minutes of running with the heat on, it bumped the idle back up to 1500-2000 to warm itself back up
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use .25 gallon/hr.

My FIL uses a Mazda5 or Ford F-150 i6 to power his 3000w inverter for boiler/lamp/tv/cable/internet router/modem/coffee pot during extended power outages up to 30 hrs.

That number based off that. He runs vehicle though heat off
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