Dodge/RAM BW44-44 transfer case fluid

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Jul 19, 2009
Detroit, MI
Ram 1500 with Auto 4WD. I believe it is a BW44-44 t-case. Mopar 68089195AA TRANSFER CASE LUBRICANT.

Is there any other products available that meets the correct specs for this lubricant? There is no real description or specs on the bottle. Amsoils us website does not show an offering and refers to the Mopar number. However, I came across a Canadian site which had the Amsoil recommendations showing to use ATL (Signature Series Fuel-Effecient ATF) here

[Amsoil dealer link removed]

I don't know if this guys info is legit or if he just wants to sell oil.

I love it when manufacturers list a proprietary lubricant that very well might be a common fluid but you will never know since they don't tell you what it is.

A little off subject, but the manual also shows power steering as Mopar Power Steering Fluid +4 or Mopar ATF+4. We all know that ATF+4 is good stuff and is totally acceptable in P/S , but I was curious if those two fluids are identical, or if the P/S+4 might be a little different with some different additives or conditioners or something.
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For the transfer case, stick with the dealer fluid until the aftermarket catches up.
Don't want to have shudder/noise... like those quadratec and autotrak cases with incorrect fluid.

I doubt there is much of a difference between the +4 fluids. dye color???? When they give you a choice, don't question it. Full synthetic ATF+4 are available, like Redline, Castrol, Valvoline, ...
I emailed Amsoil about the recommendation, and this is what I received back from them:

AMSOIL, Inc. does not recommend any of its fluids for use in the BW44-44 Transfer Case at this time. This must be the Dealer's personal recommendation, not ours.

Byron Selbrede
Technical Services

Which makes me wonder how this "dealer" decided that it was the correct fluid to use. If it was, I think Amsoil would be all over it to sell more oil.
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