Do you take your work lunch break/how long?

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Jul 11, 2015
New England
In last 7 years got into terrible habit of eating and working at desk. New Years resolution was to stop and get away from screen and take 30 min - 60 min break. What do others do?
Yep , I take a lunch break. I`m an hourly employee and work physically on my feat the whole work day so sitting down for lunch is needed.
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Yep , I take a lunch break. I`m an hourly employee and work physically on my feat the whole work day so sitting down for lunch is needed.
Funny my job is inverse and cannot wait to stand and walk around not on phone or computer.
Sometimes I go for a walk outside, or use the workout room. I just take a half hour so I can go home earlier and not be tempted to go out for lunch too much.
I'm salaried but in my industry I need to be very honest to my work time so I usually just bring a lunch and eat it at my desk while working. Plus our current contract allows for overtime so I usually do 9 hours a day. Hopefully I'll be changing jobs soon though so who knows there.
I get two paid 20 minute breaks per day. I get an unpaid 30 minute lunch break. I come to work at 5 in the morning. I work for an hour and a half then leave to run a school bus route. Then I return for 5 1/2 hours, leave to run bus route and return for my final hour. Thus, I just eat something on my afternoon break and do not clock out for a lunch break. Otherwise my work day would be a half hour longer.
All my working life it was 1/2 hr lunch break...we usually stretched it to 35 or 40min. 10 years ago starting at my current place, they have an hour for lunch. I find this too long, it really drags out. Sometimes I might go home for lunch (3km), or bring my own vehicle in for some work, or do a project...or just go back to my office and check in here or other sites for awhile. I much prefer 1/2 hr for lunch. We have a payed morning and afternoon break, and the unpaid lunch break...a couple of years ago I worked for a guy who wouldn't let us have morning or afternoon breaks, we just had to work through. I didn't mind that when we were busy, but on a quiet day it dragged.
As I'm getting older I'm getting wiser. Owning my own business I finally started to have some nice power lunches taking old friends with me when there free. My wife loves it because she doesn't have to cook dinner.
15 mins paid "smoko" in the morning and half an hour (unpaid) lunch. Usually at my desk, sometimes with my boss, sometimes in the meal room. Regardless, I've started ensuring that I don't work through that period, or if I have to prepare a report or for a meeting, that I get the break within an hour or two of 12:00.
We are allowed 30 mins but normally push it to 45 min. Sometimes i only do 20 mins I force myself to take it either to actually eat or just get away from the desk. I take it with a small group and just talk sports. In the past if i dont take it, i will never take it. Legally we have to take a 30 min lunch, i think.
We work 4 - 10s. Two 15 minute breaks and 30 minute lunch. I take breaks when the work allows, not to socialize in the break room. I usually have personal projects going so spend most breaks in the fab shop. Most of the production workers stretch the breaks out which is stupid because we're 75% into an ESOP so they're stealing time from us not "them" and we're a small company so there really isn't a them anyhow.
Im a flat rate auto technician. 90% of lunches I brown bag it or grab something quick and eat at my toolbox. Usually a 15 minute eat, back to wrenching. I'd like to have more time but time is money, people are waiting for their vehicles etc..
I'm about 50/50 work and eat at my desk and go out with colleagues. There's benefit to both. I'm up and all over the place interacting with people all day at work, and so sometimes it's nice to catch up over lunch, but sometimes it's nice to get out. I essentially build my end time out to be 8 working hours plus whatever I do at lunch. Most days are more than 8 work hours anyway just by nature.
I ride my bicycle for 30 minutes which is my lunch break. Then after showering, I warm up my lunch and eat at my desk working.
By law, here the employer (not the employee's choice) has two options for lunch breaks: 1: One half hour paid lunch break, or 2: One hour unpaid lunch break Like almost everything in Canada, it's Provincial Jurisdiction so it will vary in all 10 provinces and 3 territories, although the territories are partly governed by the Federal Government and partly by territorial legislature, so I'm not sure which would apply there.
I'm legally required to take a half-hour lunch break every day...I usually combine it with my 15-minute break and take a 45-minute lunch.
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