Do i need to use synthetic oil filter?

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May 8, 2009
ON, Canada
Hi there. I`m using 5w30 synthetic oil in my 2004 Aveo. When I buy it i see these Fram synthetic oil filters for sale. Is there any need to use these with Synthetic oil filters or is it just a money grab? Any help would be appreciated............thanks
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The Synthetic fibers in these oil filters seems to be of higher quality but it's not necessary. It depends on the level of protection you want and how much you want to or can afford to spend. There are better filters out there for the money... P.s. This should be in the Filters Section.
Canadians are at a disadvantage for filters, at least price-wise ..but this seems to be changing. I think an EaO is competitive with a PureOne up there.
We are definitely at a disadvantage up here, not only on price but selection too! The Fram synthetic oil filters up here are around $12 or $13 each! But then again so is a NAPA Gold filter. The K&N oil filters are about $18! That's why a lot of DIYers up here just stick with the basic Fram, because they are only around $5 at Walmart (and Walmart only sells Fram, except they don't have the synthetic version, just ExtraGuard and ToughGuards). It's really difficult to find a lot of the filters up here such as the PureOnes or even the regular Purolators. Mobil 1 filters aren't even sold here at all, nor are the Supertechs or the STP.
You do not need to use Syn Filters. But the Synthetic media in them filters better. It depends if better filtering is worth the price difference to you.
Patman: The Tough Guards have the Syn media as does the Extended Guard Frams. The Canadian Syn filter appears to be the American Extended Guard filter. Strange.
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