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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
Hi, I know of the right places to get discount MB and euro parts, Japanese parts, and chrysler parts. I need some GM parts, OE parts, not even AC delco. I want OE brake rotors and pads... Is there a disocunt GM parts dealer online, that is through a dealership, so I can give parts numbers and get prices that are half decent? I tried rockauto and GM partsdirect. Rockauto had too many options and not the OE part number parts (just AC delco durastop parts), and gm parts direct I believe had the OE parts, but they were still WAAAAY expensive. Ive not been too impressed with gm parts direct, so Im hoping there is a better company/site. Any suggestions? Thanks, JMH
I've had good results with these guys GM Parts Direct For orders that run over $100 I have ended up paying about 60% of list price including shipping charges. You do need to watch their shipping charges, particularly on small orders. Their online parts manuals are good. I have heard of a couple of other GM dealers that are supposed to be at least as good with online orders but have never used them and don't remember who they are. GM parts direct is good enough that I haven't botherd to look further. My business is theirs to lose. [Big Grin] Who have you found to be best for discount factory Honda/Acura parts?
I actually found a local honda dealership to be the best for acura parts... dont buy honda parts though. My problem with GM parts direct is that for the brake components that Im looking for, they are just about full price! Maybe thats just how it goes in the world of brake parts... JMH
Im pretty sure that any replacement OEM GM brake parts are outrageously priced, no matter where you get them. That being said, I have a set of raybestos rotors and pads on my 97 GP, and have been fairly unhappy with the amount of pad noise. Twice Ive thought my pads were shot only to find out that there is still plenty of pad material left. The noises that come out of these things are unbelievable. I'll probably bite the bullet and go aback to OEM when these are eventually worn out.
GM stuff is outrageously priced, but I think they do make some good pads, and dont havea ny reason to not want to re-use them. Ive read that about raybestos stuff... that said, I do have raybestos ceramic pads on my rear (its a pickup truck, so it doesnt do much braking), which I put on because (as it turns out) I had a screwed up rear caliper (due to off-roading), which burned through and caused bad squeal on the one OE pad. The raybestos, since replacing the caliper has been fine. I think GM uses ceramic pads on most newer (97-98+) stuff. It definitely came on my 98 ZR2. Apparently changing pad material can cause bad noises and odd behavior. Just something to keep in mind. JMH
Their is not place. GM's wharehouse and priceing systems preety much keep the discounters at bay! GM Parts Direct! Is a dealership. He basicly puts in an order at GM's Parts Distribution Center with SPO Service Parts Operation. He then lists an alternate ship to address in place of the address on file under his dealer code. THe order is filled by the warehouse and shipped to the alternate address. GM does not charge shipping on anyting unless it is over nighted to the dealership as the shipping price is built into the price of the part. Typicaly a GM dealership will charge Matric price wich is double what he paid for the part. It is very difacult for GM Parts Direct to do this and take advantage of the free shipping. So for GM Part's Direct to make a profit off the sale they charge fictious shipping fee's that they do not pay at all!! SO you are almost always getting the parts at the dealerships cost+ fake shipping fee's and tax's! As far as brake parts go almost no one in the industry buys the OEM brake parts due to cost! THe exception is if the customer is willing to pay or it is warranty work! Usualy a good service writer will sell the merits of Delco Durastop parts and offer them at a huge saveing to the customer over OEM and the dealership makes more as the markup is much better!
Best bet is to find out who cast them for GM and then look for parts with that company's name on them! Most OEM suppliers sell over run stock under a different name brand!
thanks for the insight, John... So, since you are quite knowledgable... any suggestions for good rotors (non slotted/drilled) and pads for GM trucks? Mine is a 98 S10 ZR2 with 4 wheel discs. Thanks, JMH
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