dino prices

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Dec 27, 2002
va beach
man, i know i could maybe saved a few cents by going to walmart, forget k-mart, they are almost as expensive as the auto parts stores, but i just payed 2.58 for a qt of pennzoil 5w30 at advance auto. going on a trip next weekend, and wanted to have a qt in the trunk in case the motor consumed a bit. just bought the wife a leftover 05' hyundai sante fe w/ the 2.7 v-6. the dealership does the changes for the first, 3? yrs i think, but i always change a new car or trucks oil at 1000mi. i think the dealership recomends 7,500. nein. just gonna get some oem filters and do a change between the dealers service. but golly, i am seriously thinking super tech here, or maybe the pepboys, or advance "house" offerings, especialy w/ the 10yr 100,000 mile powertrain warranty hyundais come standard w/. let me guess...a katrina price hike?
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