NAPA online vs in-store pricing

Apr 13, 2013
I bought a jug of Prestone washer fluid from NAPA in-store for $7.49. Way too expensive, I know, but I was in a pinch and this was all they had. When I got home, I saw the online NAPA price for this store was $4.99. This was the regular price w/o any promo code or deal.

I was reminded of why I don't buy washer fluid, or many things for that matter, from these auto parts store. Only Wally World cheapo blue fluid for me!
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Prices can differ online vs in-store, and even between different store.

Napa does sometimes put out buy online pickup in-store specials where you have to order it online.

You go to a company owned Napa or a franchise? Price mistake? Some retailers sell cheaper when buying online and store pickup.

also this.

Napa has both franchise and corporate stores. The corporate stores will say "Genuine Parts Company" when listed online. Anything else is a franchise.
I order everything online at Napa and pick it up. They want you to use their website. They won’t honor the online price if you walk in and buy something like your coolant.
I could see something like this happening at my local NAPA.

For example, the owner doesn’t do the filter sale, but the employees do. Makes no sense.
I bought a bunch of Chevron Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner that was on sale but was charged the regular full soon as I noticed I hadn't gotten the sale price, I returned, showed the sales flyer and was refunded and recharged the sale price...