dino "classics" in a 2011 Impala ???

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Jul 1, 2014
... recently purchased a used 2011 Impala from a dealer, 3.5L V-6 LZE, 52448 miles at delivery ... unknown oil and filter, OLI is now at 49% after ~ 3000 miles ... naturally manual calls for 5W-30 dexos 1 oil, and O'Reilly locally has AC Delco dexos 1 oil for ~ $6 a quart So here is the question ... I am nostalgic as [censored] ... I would really like to use a "classic" oil, perhaps Trop Artic, Gulf, Sinclair, etc ... anyone see a problem with these oils??? I don't. To me the VOA's look fine. I drive 80 miles round trip daily, highway miles. And plan on a 5000 mile OCI
There's nothing wrong with the oils you listed, but I'm uncertain of their Dexos status. Quaker State is a pretty old school oil, that'd be my recommendation based on your nostalgia desire.
TropArtic can be had on the cheap at most Sam's Clubs. Kendall is much harder to find. For nostalgia, many NAPA stores have started carrying Wolfs Head, which is blended in Florida. And Quaker State is carried by Walmart in many flavors.
So why didn't you buy a 1967 Impala?
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... recently purchased a used 2011 Impala from a dealer, ... I am nostalgic as [censored] ...
Are you talking about classic oil brand names that meet current API specs, or NOS classic oils, that don't. The old names in current formulations would be just fine for your Impala, which if you read the OM doesn't really require a dexos 1 oil. NOS classic oils would be another matter. There's a reason that specs and formulations have advanced over the years. Unless you also want the authentic classic experience of an engine that's ready for a rebuild at 100K, use a modern formulation.
Sorry ... should have worded question better. Classic brand names in current formulations and viscosity/weights. Gulftec, I understand has dexos certification, not sure about Trop Artic or others ... ... would love to own a '67 Impala or better a '65 SS but they are scarce around these parts, those left are rusting away or have been frankenized
Heck yeah! Use those classic names in API SN formulations and you'll have no problems. There is a thread here in which someone actually showed the dexos 1 test requirements. They aren't much of an advance beyond API SN.
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