Difficult shifting and finding neutral. Oil (or other) recommendations?

Hello Gentlemen,

My '09 Buell 1125cr motorcycle (liquid cooled, wet clutch, Rotax manufactured engine - not Harley engine) is balky shifting, particularly finding neutral. It's very notchy and requires a lot more lever force to change gears than it used to. In the past it has shifted very smoothly. The clutch does not drag when disengaged.

I have used automotive oil (with friction modifiers), AMSOil Dominator 15W-50, in the past based on a recommendation without checking the specs myself and the clutch started slipping. I dumped it and filled it with Rotella T6 which is JASO MA2 certified (good for wet clutches). It got better but was not gone. It eventually took three oil changes in rapid succession, cleaning the clutch fiber disks with solvent multiple times and a little bit of riding in between for the slipping to totally abate. I rode around for a few miles in between changes, enough to get the oil good and hot and circulate it throughout the clutch, but, avoided any slipping as to not wear the clutch plates. I've since only used JASO MA2 certified oil (formulated for wet clutches) and the slipping is long gone. I mention this to assert that I'm not interested in revisiting this laborious adventure. I'll only consider using JASO MA2 certified oils.

My most recent oil change was 1.5K miles ago and I used Valvoline 10W-40 Full Synthetic Motorcycle 4-Stroke Oil.

This was one of the best shifting transmissions I've ever owned (three dozen bikes over the years) and I'm determined to make it so again.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of shifting difficulty?

Has anyone found an oil (or other remedy) they can recommend that enables smooth shifting on a high-torque engine that doesn't cause the clutch to slip? Buell recommends SAE 20W-50 (HD 360 - Harley's own brand).

I would definitely start with making sure your clutch is properly adjusted, and the cable fully lubed with no kinks in it.
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I would definitely start with making sure your clutch is properly adjusted, and the cable fully lubed with no kinks in it.
OP stated in post #7 the bike being discussed has a hydraulic clutch...

OP, for oil M1 20w50 VTwin, Redline 20w50 MC oil or Amsoil 20w50 Metric are good bets. I've run all 3 in my shared sump ZRX1200 and with 81,000+ miles on the original clutch, knock on wood, no issues. Each of those first two oils has very different additive package and have gone 5,000 mile OCI's without issue.

On my first OCI currently with the Amsoil I picked up from Pablo a few years ago, no problems in the first 1,000 miles and I don't see anything developing. This ZRX has been modified with 12.5:1 high comp pistons, ZZR1200 cams and ZZR1200 carbs giving 145 hp and 87 ft/lbs at the wheel.
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OP: What type of clutch fluid does your bike use and when was the last time you flushed and/or changed the clutch fluid?

I have a 2018 Harley Tri Glide with a hydraulic clutch. It uses DOT 4 brake fluid. Harley recommends changing/flushing the clutch fluid every 2 years. DOT 4 brake fluid absorbs moisture which can effect clutch operation.